Remembrance services – can you help with details please?


2012 Remembrance in Bloxwich, beautifully captured by Stuart Williams at The Bloxwich Telegraph.

This is just a quick request for help. Top bloke Neil Harris from Pelsall has asked on Twitter for details of this years Bloxwich Remembrance Parade and associated events, and the net is turning up a blank. It then occurred to me that I couldn’t find details of similar for Brownhills or Walsall Wood.

The only one I could readily find details of was Barr Beacon.

If you can supply details for Bloxwich or other local parades, please comment here. It’s strange that they’re so hard to get information for.

If you’d rather, feel free to mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.

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  1. So far, we’ve got Willenhall, from Councillor Gareth Illmann-Walker:

    ‘Willenhall’s is the usual meet 9.30-10.00 by the clock for the parade up to the cenotaph. A small group usually split to go to the Portobello memorial. I’m doing that this year.’

    And the details of Gnosall’s event, courtesy of @whatsongnosall are at

    • Brent Walters-mabbott says:

      What clock??? I’m new to Willenhall, and also where is the cenotaph that is used, I am of limited mobility so can’t do the March….

      • You’re replying to a post from 2013. This year’s Remembrance event post will be this week.

        The Clock is in the marketplace, centre of town, but let me see Iif I can get details


  2. From Lee Bragginton of Walsall Wood 1st Scout Group – thanks, Lee, wonderful as ever:


    Bloxwich: Meet by what was the Bulls Head pub at 10.00 am, on the 10th of November the parade forms up about 10.15ish then parades down High Street to All Saints Church a short service with 2 min silence then parade back up high street and dismiss about 11.30ish

    Walsall Wood: Meet at Oak Park Leisure Centre 2pm to parade to St John’s church for silence then service. Parade back to Oak Park after service, finish about 3.30pm.

    Hope this is what you need.


  3. Thanks for further info on Willenhall from Mark Wood of f8 Media

    Details for Remembrance Sunday at Willenhall.

    Sally Army leave their club at 10.20 and March to the Cenotaph.

    Police Road closures from 10-45 in the immediate vicinity.

    March out back to the the club 11.15

    Cant find anything comprehensive about this, but having attended this Service for the last 30 years I doubt it would change this year.

  4. kate Goodall says:

    There’s the Walsall one

    Not aware of the detail of others since they’re not organised by the council. Kind of nice that, given no publicity, each of our several cenotaphs are so well attended each Remembrance Sunday.

    • Hi Kate

      Thanks for that – I thought I’d seen it but couldn’t hit the press release with Google. Cheers!

      I guess one of the issues is that the organisations involved, by their nature, aren’t the most technologically connected.

      Cheers, as ever

      • Peter says:

        Hi Bob…… Spot on with the “technologically connected” comment, however the communication internally is good, ie the RBL communicates well with other organisations in the Aldridge area and is well organised. I suspect that as the information “trickles” down it is spread more by modern communication methods and clearly gets out there as there is probably a couple of thousand people at the Cenotaph at 11.00am on the nearest Sunday to the 11th. Like another contributor said it’s been following the same format for donkeys years and folk no doubt just turn up automatically.
        Keep up the good work……..


  5. kate Goodall says:

    I think you’re right. As I said though, all of our cenotaphs are well attended. Ward councillors will usually attend remembrance services, so people can always approach them for details of local events.

  6. Details of Aldridge Remembrance, from Peter:

    Organised by many but steered by the Royal British Legion, Aldridge Branch.

    Meet. at Aldridge Community Centre 10.00am onwards.

    Parade behind the Band of Squadron 425 Air Training Corps, Royal British Legion Standards and Aldridge based Scout and Guide Groups amongst many others, leaving the Community Centre at 10.20am.

    Parade along Leighswood Road towards the “Elms Island”, along Little Aston Road to the Cenotaph.

    Cenotaph: Remembrance Service starts at 11.00am.

    Depart Cenotaph approx 11.20am to re-assemble at the Community Centre where normally Richard Shepherd and others say a few words.

    Teas and coffees in the Community Centre afterwards.

    Normally a couple of Thousand would be a fair estimate.

    All the best Bob, chin up and keep going.


  7. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    from John Bird, British Legion in Brownhills. Full details, as follows;-.On Sunday Novemebr 9th ;British Legion ex-servicemen and Army and RAF cadets will march in procession leaving the Memorial Hall in Lichfield Road at 10.30, via the High Street Miner Island,and then to St James Church and cenotaph to lay wreaths with full honours and the church service of Remembrance.
    Also, on 11 November a small detail of British Legion members will assemble again at the Cenotaph by St James church for the act of homage and two minutes silence at 11 o’clock.
    My thanks to Mr John Bird for this information

  8. njhag says:

    Garry Perry has posted this on FB regarding Pelsall

    In Pelsall, I am honoured to have been asked and recently accepted the position of President of the Pelsall Branch of the Royal British Legion. Formed in early 2012 under the leadership of Karen Clifft, a committee of sterling volunteers have actively promoted the legion’s work locally and are instrumental in coordinating local efforts for the poppy appeal.

    Each year, the service at Pelsall cenotaph seems to grow in significance with an increasing attendance of local residents, particularly a number of young people and families. I hope that this continues and would encourage all Pelsall residents, and those across communities in Walsall to buy a poppy and wear it with pride.

    The service at Pelsall Cenotaph begins at 10.40am on Sunday 10th November 2013, this year there will be a small number of chairs available at the cenotaph for veterans who wish to attend but experience difficulty in standing. Service sheets will be distributed on the day and the wreath laying order will be coordinated by committee members with the Pelsall Branch Standard on display.

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