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I’ve been contacted by top Walsall Council Officer and crafter of lovely blog posts Kate Goodall. Kate is very interested in the following project, and asked if I’d give it a plug for Leah Wilkes, the lady running it.

I realise this is a bit outside the normal territory, but I think this stuff is very important, and should be brought to as wide a community audience as possible.

If you’d like to get involved, either contact Leah directly using the contact info at the foot of the post, or mail me and I’ll pass your details on. Brownhillsbob @ Goolgemail dot com – cheers.

Leah wrote:

We are looking for local parents and carers to get involved with a new project to help us create a film which will support parents/carers to develop confidence and enhance their skills to be able to talk to their children about sex and relationships with confidence.

We would really like to involve a group of local parents and carers of children aged 11-16 years in the design and making of the film.

Parents/carers involved with the project will work alongside film making company ‘Catcher Media’ in a series of sessions to help with the development of the film, which is based on these themes: 

  • Healthy relationships including monitoring young people’s whereabouts – knowing where our children are and who they are with
  • Internet safety with  particular regard to social networking
  • Family values
  • Negotiating rules – the dos and don’ts
  • Supporting children and young people to make informed choices
  • Sex and the law

Please be assured that for any parents/carers wanting to participate in the project there would be no pressure to be filmed if you didn’t want to be on camera. The main part of the project for parents/carers is to share their ideas, thoughts and opinions about the reality of talking to teenagers about sex and relationships and help in the design and development of the film.

There would be the opportunity for any participant involved in the project to learn more about the film making process as the project develops.

Once complete, the film will be used as part of parenting programmes and in schools across the borough of Walsall and potentially in other areas.

The project sessions will take place at:

St Chad’s church Hall Edison Road Beechdale WS2 7HT on the following dates:

Thursday 9th May

Thursday 23rd May

Thursday 6th June

Thursday 13th June

Each session will run from 9:30-11:30, and refreshments will be provided. Ideally we’d like people to attend all four sessions but if you want to be involved but can only make one session we’d very much welcome your involvement.

It is anticipated that some of the workshops will be filmed and photographed so that extracts can be included at the final celebration event in the final film that is produced. The completed film will also be available online on appropriate websites for health and education professionals to access to share with parents and carers.

It is vital that in creating this film we get opinions and ideas from parents’ and carers to ensure that we make something that is informative and accessible and full of supporting information. It would be great if you could be involved, we would really appreciate your help!

By getting involved in the project you will meet other parents to talk to about your own experiences and gain support from professionals.

If you would like to take part in the project sessions, please get in contact with me by phone, text or email by Friday 26th April 2013.

Yours Faithfully

Leah Wilkes
Arts, Health and Young People Development Officer
Walsall Creative Development Team
Walsall Council

01922 653114
07908 472 852

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