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Looking good… At the moment, Walsall Local History Centre have copies. As soon as I find out who else does, I’ll post details up here. Image by Stuart Williams/Walsall Local History Centre.

Here’s a treat for Brownhills folk into local history. A new local history book, focussing on Shire Oak and it’s environs has been written by Walsall Wood chap Clive Roberts.

I know Clive reads the blog and often comments here, and is well respected by the Walsall Local History Centre and among local historians who speak very highly of him.

I’m aware the book has been in gestation for some time now, as Clive has contacted me several times about it, and although I’ve yet to get my hands on a copy, it sounds like a really good read. As soon as I can procure one, I’ll review it here.

Stuart Williams, curator of the wonderful Bloxwich Telegraph and top Local History Centre operative, posted this today on the centre’s Facebook page:

We have just received the first stock of ‘SNIPPETS OF HISTORY In and around SHIRE OAK’, a NEW book by Clive L Roberts who is a regular visitor to our Centre.

Packed full of fascinating quotes and snippets of history transcribed from old newspapers and other sources this should really interest anyone from the Shire Oak or wider Brownhills area.

The book is 72pp paperback, ilustrated with photos and newscuttings. The price is £8 (postage extra).

The current print run is a short one and we have just five copies at the time of posting this, so if you want one please pop in asap!

As soon as I have more details, I’ll post them here; perhaps if the author himself is passing by, he could shed some light on availability and so forth?

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18 Responses to A Shire thing

  1. Clive says:

    Hello Bob and blog readers. If anyone would like a copy of my book, you will find them at;
    R. DOWNES Brownhills Newsagent in the High st.
    Walsall Local History Centre
    Walsall Leather Museum
    This book is a limited print.
    Best wishes Clive.

  2. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    Clive’s book makes fascinating reading….I am not going to give details…but , like Gerald Reece’s book, is the result of hours and hours of painstaking, thorough and detailed research. I congratulate Clive and thank him at the same time. Downes newsagents have a few in stock..I expect they will sell out in no time!
    kind regards

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  12. Clive says:

    Snippets of history in and around Shire Oak; There are just 2 books on sale now, if anyone would like one there at the corner shop in Friezland Lane Brownhills.

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  18. Paul Haines says:

    My Dad had a copy of this book Snippets of History in and around shire Oak, but lent it to the old manager/owner of the Shire Oak pub, Never returned, he is now in Shire Oak Care Home and suffer from dementia, he mentions this book time and time again, anyone have a copy, quite happy to pay

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