Six decades on…

Here’s a quick one. Following the contributions yesterday from Walsall Wood folk regarding the coronation parade in Cornation Road, Walsall Wood, reader and friend of the blog Peter Killops returned to the scene yesterday and took this picture from the same angle, over 60 years later.

I love you lot, I really do… great stuff! Thanks, Peter…


Coronation Road… over 60 years later. Image kindly taken yesterday, by reader Peter Killops.


The original image, as supplied by Young David Evans. If you’re in any doubt, look at the one unchanging thing: the chimneys.

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2 Responses to Six decades on…

  1. David Evans says:

    Hi Peter
    thanks for the modern photo. Those cheeky little SAS cadets and others are also to be seen in “Crowning Glory” article, July 6, 2012…another one of Walsall Wood’s coronation events.
    cheers. I hope readers will offer their photos by the score!

  2. david oakley says:

    Concrete road’s gone, I see. I watched that road being laid in 1937 with a series of small concrete mixers, no bulk delivery then, and long, heavy wooden tamps for levelling. Oh well,nothing lasts forever !.

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