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Anyone know these chaps in fancy dress, or recognise where in The Wood this may be? Image courtesy of David Evans.

Here’s a great one from read and local history wonk, the young David Evans. David has come across some pictures of Coronation celebrations in Walsall Wood. He wonders if readers recognise any of the participants, or have any recollections of the day in question.

David had the following to say:

Hi Bob

 I wonder if readers would like to share their photos of some of the local street parties and celebrations of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in June 1953?

To start the ball rolling here are two snaps of a party in Walsall Wood. I wonder if any readers know the children, or where exactly where this parade was?

There may be colour photos, and even home movies of other events that took place. There was also the screening of the colour film of the coronation that was shown to schoolchldren, in the cinema in Brownhills.

Does anyone have details of this, and perhaps a programme?

kind regards


This is a good one – thanks David for that. Comment please on this post, or BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.


The same procession with a wider view – that was some shindig! Image courtesy of David Evans.

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  1. Peter says:

    Morning all….. Thank you to David for supplying the pictures, great to see them. I’m a little unsure of the first pictures whereabouts exactly but I have a couple of thoughts, the second picture ” the same procession with a wider view” is almost certainly taken in Coronation Road looking back towards Brookland Road, I’ll pop down today and take a picture from what I think is the same spot…… leave it with me and todays photo will be with Bob this afternoon.
    As requested / suggested by David anymore photos will be most welcome.

    Mind how you go…….


  2. tkevcro says:

    Hi All,
    I believe the first picture is the junction of Coronation Road/Laburnam Road looking towards Salters Road.
    Peters spot on with the second photo.


  3. david oakley says:

    “Teks yer back, dow it ?. I murmured to myself, as I viewed the photos, kindly supplied by David.
    Hadn’t seen Coronation Road for nearly seventy years, but just as I remembered it , all that time ago. Remembered that little semi-circle of houses, with the green in front and Brookland Road in the distance, The older house, fronting Brookland road, (middle left in 2nd picture) was occupied by Dickie Dorsett’s sister-in-law, Marie.
    The first picture was a bit of a puzzler, at first, due to the angle taken, but after spotting Buckley’s shop, beyond the houses, and remembering that in those days, there was a fair bit of
    unkempt ground at the end of Coronation Road, I got my bearings. Mr Buckley had a tiny bakery
    in the outbuildings behind the shop and used to deliver his loaves, by hand, to his customers, in a large wicker basket. Google earth informs me that the premises are now a ‘Natural beauty clinic’.
    Both pictures, as detailed in earlier comments, were spot on.
    Regarding participants, David, isn’t the smart looking youngster leading the parade
    in the cross-belt, the same wee laddie as appeared in an earlier blog photo, wearing the same uniform with an ensemble of other lads pictured in the playground of the Brownhills Road School, some months ago, perhaps at a similar coronation celebration ?

    • Peter says:

      Hi David…. Nice to meet you if only in Cyberspace. I’m still lost with the first picture, where would the photographer be standing when he took the picture? and in which direction are the 2 children facing, sorry again but i’m completely lost with this one??? Is Buckleys shop on the main Salters Road? on the opposite side to the Brickmakers Arms, please solve a headache for me
      Thanking you in advance……Peter.

      • david oakley says:

        Hi Peter.
        Thanks for your response. Looking again at Google earth, and panning so that Buckley’s old shop is almost top central, it is possible to get a similar shot to the one that was taken all those years ago, with the photographer standing near the garages that are to the left of Laburnam Road looking towards Salters Road. The children are looking towards Brook Lane. Mr. Tatton lived in the corner house in Salters Road and his long garden, well featured on Google earth is not in the picture, so we are near the ‘unkempt’ corner of Coronation Road. The pavement is still unbroken behind the Union Jacks, so the roadway begins a few yards farther down. Buckley’s was in Salters Road, the older property beyond the three semi-detached houses featured in the photo. Buckley’s faced the ‘common’ as it was then, which stretched up to Holly Lane, the ‘Brickies’ is on the opposite side to Buckley’s but a little nearer the Vigo corner.
        Hope these old memories are a little help, Peter.
        Kinf regards.

  4. David Evans says:

    Hi Peter
    where Brook Lane joins Laburnum Road, with Salters Road and Smiths grocers shop in the background. The two OAP bungalows are just off the photo to the right, and Coronation Road junction is behind the Union Jacks. I hope there are many other photos of local processions and parties that kind readers will send in to the blog. Who made the cakes, the jellies, the banners, the uniforms and costumes etc?..rationing was still in force for some things …..
    kind regards
    David.(For those looking in black and white, I am the one in the red uniform jacket…and the fox hat!)

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  6. Trevor Brown says:

    Gday all, Yes David the Photo that David Evans posted awile back was taken on the same day,
    I was the little chap in the Lifeboy hat and David E was the soldier,
    Kind regards to you all Trevor ( I was nicknamed Hovis for oveous reasons)

    • David Oakley says:

      Spot on, young Hovis, I recall you mentioning it at the time. You kids put yourself about a bit in those days, before the advent of computer games. Hope you still support the ‘old country’ in the forthcoming Tests.
      Cheers, mate.

  7. Dave Edwards says:

    Hello Trevor and David…Where do I find the photo of Hovis in his Lifeboy hat and David as the soldier?
    Best Wishes Eddy

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