They don’t like it up ’em


It wasn’t like this fighting the Fuzzy-Wuzzies… Image from the BBC.

I haven’t stopped laughing. The Liberal Democrats in Walsall are very cross. Very cross indeed. So cross, Daniel Barker’s written a blog of his own instead of just copying Uncle Arthur.

The Plastic Hippo isn’t cross. He’s just very, very disappointed.

I’m just wondering where the poodle came from.

In one week, we’ve managed to piss off Walsall’s Labour group, the Liberal Democrats, and possibly the Tories, although they’re the ones trousering the dosh, so they’re in the pound seats, and probably too busy laughing to care.

Welcome to Walsall, where reality bends and Liberal Democrats think they’re popular…

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  1. thefabmrj says:

    A joyous read. It’s a shame it’s borne out of such terrible circumstances. Still, you’ve got to laugh, eh?

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