The all-seeing eye

Just a quick note to point out that BrownhillsDog – the roving canine Brownhillian blogger who I highlighted last week – has a great post up expanding on the residential neighbourhood CCTV issue I touched on here with my Watchers of the Night post.

I commend anyone interested in the subject to pop along and read it – it’s a fine and interesting piece of work. Well done to the dog in question.

Click on the screenshot to visit the post at BrownhillsDog’s blog.

While I’m on the subject of other blogs, that there Stymaster is currently having fun with night cycling. It’ll be interesting to follow his progress, and it’s also intriguing to see how a less frequent cyclist takes to the activity – and reacts to the traffic conditions.

One thing I would point out in response, is the issue with the front light and speed. That’s why experienced cyclists pay a lot for very bright lights; the better the light, the faster you can go, because you can see further… Also, make sure your rear light, if it’s on the seat post, isn’t obscured by your jacket. Lots of folk make that mistake.

Night cycling is an art form. Best of luck old chap. Click on the screenshot to visit Stymaster’s blog.

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