Anchor Bridge flooding – some action at last?

Someone is clearly investigating the drains. These markers indicate which culverts to undertake video surveys of. The manhole is just near the bust stop by Anchor Bridge, Brownhills.

It seems that after a very long time, someone is finally looking into the question of flooding that takes place in the High Street/Chester Road, just opposite Knaves Court in Brownhills. You’ll recall that over the course of a few months I complained here repeatedly about the situation, and received a very mealy mouthed statement regarding the issue from Walsall Council.

Well, it seems that over the preceding few weeks something has been done. It was first noticeable a month ago, when the lakes that normally formed there seemed less likely to form, and more so on the opposite side from Knaves Court; a clear improvement. Several readers pointed this out, including David Evans and [Howmuch?].

Since then, I noticed last week that particular access chambers bore marks around them indicating a CCTV survey was to take place, where a specialist uses video equipment to film the condition of the culverts. Locals will have noticed the actual survey take place over the last few days, resulting in temporary lights being set up and subsequent traffic congestion resulting.

I’ve tried repeatedly to get a statement about the situation from Walsall Council without any luck – a great shame as I’d love to be able to communicate the current state of play to readers of the blog. Sadly, however, I think Streetpride’s collective hivemind is currently on other matters and haven’t responded.

If anyone knows anything, please do shout up. I’m aware our new Councillor, Stephen Wade has been working on this quite hard, so if you’re reading this, please do feel free to drop me a line or comment this post. BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

All local councillors are welcome to contribute here, and I often feel we don’t hear enough from them.

Hopefully, this will soon be a thing of the past.

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  1. Let’s hope it finally gets sorted, Hekta and I will not have to dodge the traffic and the older dears wont have to try to jog!

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