Anyone for a shower?

Today, whilst taking a spin around Brownhills to get some shopping in, I was reminded of a niggling, but serious problem in Brownhills High Street that has been ongoing for years. I personally have complained to Walsall Council, to no avail, several times. Both David Evans and [Howmuch?] have prodded me to feature this on the blog, so as soon as I saw this today I grabbed a few pictures.

The problem is that it only takes a small amount of rainfall for large pools of standing water to gather in the gutters at either side of the High Street, just by the pedestrian crossing in front of Knaves Court. The situation is so bad, that anyone leaving the building by that doorway stands a chance of getting soaked. The splashes are leaving mud and silt on the front of the brand new building, which is disgraceful. On the far side of the road, the spray drenches the control cabinet for the pedestrian crossing, often causing it to malfunction. Phoning the council several years ago, I was told the problem was that the button was stuck. The engineer refused to believe that every time the control unit was drenched, the lights turned to red. I’d been watching it do so for twenty minutes.

I’d like to ask Walsall Council when they intend to do something about this. Complaints have been made, and apparently ignored; indeed, the general condition of Brownhills High Street has been deteriorating for some time, with large potholes opening up by Silver Court, the Silver Street junction, near Ravens Court and on the central island, the surface of which is getting so bad that it’s becoming hazardous to ride.

It’s hard not to believe that cutbacks are not affecting road maintenance in Brownhills and the Walsall borough generally. I know that the Neighbourhoods team work hard, but Brownhills High Street really does need some love.

When it rains, huge pools of standing water accumulate either side of the road, adjacent to the pedestrian crossing. Pedestrians frequently get drenched by passing vehicles. 1:20pm, Sunday, 5th February 2012.

This isn’t a factor of the recent snow - it happens every time there’s even minor rainfall. 1:22pm, Sunday, 5th February 2012.

This situation isn’t new, and has been going on for several years. It’s damaging the frontage of Knave’s Court and causing danger to anyone using the front door. 1:25pm, Sunday, 5th February 2012.Anchor Bridge, Brownhills.

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11 Responses to Anyone for a shower?

  1. stymaster says:

    The flooding at that spot forces traffic out to the opposite carriageway, which is quite a hazard. In heavy rain the flooding is very serious indeed.

    In general, the road condition from the Miner island down to Achor Bridge (including the huge pothole in the right-turn lane on Anchor Bridge) is pretty abysmal.

  2. warren parry says:

    we may have a case to apply for the money on offer from government to give face-lifts to neglected highstreets.

    • Hi Warren
      Yes, that’s true, but if such cash is available (and if you check the details, there’s a hell of a lot of strings attached, like it has to be matched) then it shouldn’t go to doing stuff that we pay council tax to have fixed.
      Road and drainage maintenance is the remit of Walsall Council – I expect them to do it out of their budget, not neglect it for years and then beg for a handout to get it sorted.
      Best wishes


  3. Ian says:

    Ah but you’re forgetting that Walsall has and has had for years, the worst council in the world.

  4. alvin cox says:

    how come that repairs are being made to the foot path area at brownhills old police station when the area of knaves court is of a very much more needed problem to be tackled , is it something to do with polotics, i think walsal council need to get prioroties right. regards alvin

  5. antony hill says:

    walsall council has been abused for years by people who simply dont give two hoots, i mean the staffs there, and nothing will change until the staff do. money goes wasted in silly projects and paying off people who didnt deserve to ‘work’ there to start with, and has gone downhill very fast, in the last twenty years anyway. selling off troubles and throwing money at lost causes while dire straits stand as they always have, with outstanding jobs waiting, and people and the town suffering is a common topic nowadays. the floods will end up being someone elses problem, (as always with wmbc). i was born and brought up in brownhills, and i sadly moved away two years ago because of its decline in standards shops closed or boarded up, market gone housing flogged off and still poor and nothing to offer to a visitor anymore. poor sign of the times….and a big shame because i have many fond memories. Shame on you W.M.B.C….. 🙁

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