It’s funny how some things coincide. Last Monday (5th September) on my 365daysofbiking Tumblr, I posted a photograph of the now-closed Mango Tree restaurant on the Chester Road, near Stonnall.

From my 365daysofbiking Tumblr. Please click on the image to view the original post.

In a coincidence of extraordinary happenstance, later in the week reader Mike Parkes pointed out to me on Facebook that he’d spotted an article in the Express and Star, dated the following Wednesday, that the restaurant was to reopen as part of the Saffron group, which has an existing venue in Oldbury, and another to open in Colmore Row, Birmingham. This is great news and I wish the new operators well. I always welcome a new curry opportunity and look forward to trying it out. No doubt that other great curry monster, The Stymaster, will not be too far behind.

From the Walsall Express and Star, Wednesday, 7th September 2011. Click on image to visit the original article online.

Meanwhile, there were a couple of interesting comments on the Facebook link to my original article. If anyone remembers anything about that cafe in Chester Road, or indeed, about Greasy Lil’s at the top of the hill opposite the quarry, please feel free to comment.

My thanks to Mike for a great tipoff. Couldn't do this without the support of readers like him. Click on the image to go to the Facebook post. You will, of course, need to be signed up with the spawn of Satan to view it...

To anyone waiting for a pictures of the past feature, it’ll be later today. My scanner is currently having a wobbly and is currently being left until it’s bad mood clears…


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2 Responses to Synchronicity…

  1. stymaster says:

    I’ll be giving it a go, I expect. The problem with Indian restaurants is that there’s so many around here, ranging from OK to excellent, that there’s less motivation to try a new one. Still, I wish them well.

  2. Ian, Lichfield born and reborn! says:

    The Mango Tree was excellent, and won a number of awards. The chef, Murray, is now working at Delhi 6 in Little Aston and is superb.

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