Brownhills – let’s talk it up…

We've got lots to shout about... like our fabulous annual canal festival.

Here’s an interesting experiment.

Features writer for the Express & Star, Chris Davies, is writing a piece about life in Walsall, and would like recommendations for good Brownhills businesses, places to go, historic stories etc. for a positive feature on our town. Chris compiles the restaurant column in the paper and has featured brief reviews from me before. He’s a good sort and this is our chance to paint Brownhills in a good light for a change. Chis asked initially:

I suggested that I might ask you, the readers, what you think would be good things to feature, and Chris is up for it. He responded:

So, over to you. Nobody knows better than me how easy it is to be negative about our town – but since opinion is being sought locally from other bloggers – like Bloxwich’s talented Editter, I thought we could try to beat them into a cocked hat. All in the spirit of friendly rivalry, of course. Chris is a nice bloke, has always credited me for stuff he uses and is a shining example to the rest of the Express & Star as to how to treat the local online community. Let’s give him a hand, shall we? Over to you.

Please leave comments here on this post or mail me if you prefer at BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

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10 Responses to Brownhills – let’s talk it up…

  1. Hello!

    More than happy to contribute anything with regards to The Memo if you think it would be useful?


  2. Miss Williams says:

    Ref your article Whats good in brownhills.
    A lot is the real answer We have several award winning buisness<GLAMOROUS , SUZANNE LEWIS , BROWNHILLS SKIP HIRE , MARIOS FISH AND CHIPS , DARREN SYMES BUTCHERS , CARDAMON SPICE RESTRAUNT , BACKYARD BREWHOUSE. Brownhills also has in DOWNES NEWSAGENTS a shop that has been trading for almost half a century. THE CROWN PUB offers high quality food and drink and is regulary packed out .Brownhills also has its fair share of noteable people ,ERIN O CONOR , ALAN WILEY , LUKE ROPER , PAT DAVIES mbe , DOUG BIRCH mbe plus many more.

  3. stymaster says:

    Second mention for the Backyard Brewhouse from me. Top blokes and top beer too.

  4. Rose Burnell says:

    Not a business but I’d really like to draw attention to the very active and commited young people who attend the army and air cadets in Brownhills. If its not suitable for this then maybe they could have a mention in another blog post? I live right next to their base and watch them arriving and departing every week, regular as clockwork. I hear them arriving early on weekend mornings to attend camps, charity events and of course they parade on remembrance Sunday. They are so inspiring and show the youth of Brownhills at their best. The army cadets went off early this Sunday morning and returned later in the day wearing medals of achievement and t shirts with the message “in memory of Claire” on their backs. (a friend they very sadly lost in march 2008) I think they are fab but I don’t think the ppl of Brownhills realise how active they are! They are always polite and considerate in our road and a credit to the area. 

  5. Rose Burnell says:

    It would seem that Barnetts Lane is THE place to live! Dancing at young’s, the memo, air cadets, army squadron, scouts, cubs and, if it all gets too much…the graveyard, too!

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