I fought the lore

Of late, I’ve been very impressed with a relatively new local history blog for Lichfield, called Lichfield Lore. It’s a lovely blog, packed choc full of odd facts, great research and top-flight historical geekery about the city and it’s environs. There have been some excellent articles on familiar subjects – Knaves Castle, the lost Brownhillian earthwork, historical highwaymen, Lichfield’s unknown castle and some great stuff about Leomansley.

I don’t know who’s behind this engaging enterprise – the author goes by the name of Lichfeldian and they’re a big fan of Tamworth Time Hikes (let’s face it, who isn’t?), but Lichfield Lore is a different proposition. Still as charming, it’s not quite as mad as it’s easterly neighbour’s effort, but shares the same obsession with landscape history, to wonderful and complementary effect. Judging by the engaging twitter presence and reference to warm cardies, I think the proprietor is a lady, but can’t be sure.

It was on Twatter that Lichfeldian and Julie Kaine, a fellow resident of Ye Olde City, told me about the existence of the Borrowcop Gazebo, a folly in Lichfield I’d never heard of before… I visited yesterday, hoping it would make a good vantage point to observe the passing storms, but sadly, they missed the city. The Folly, however, was fascinating and commanded excellent views. This is what I love about the internet, it takes you to new and wonderful, hitherto unknown places.

Please do check Lichfield Lore out, I really think it’s great.

A charming and odd little folly, hitherto unknown to me. 4:02pm, Monday, 9th May 2011.

The anticipated storm never came, although it looked distinctly black to the north. 4:04pm, Monday 9th May 2011.

The structure is interesting, complete with paterned flooring bricks. 4:08pm, Monday, 9th May 2011.

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30 Responses to I fought the lore

  1. Pezholio says:

    Ah, Borrowcop Gazebo. Many’s the time I snuck an illicit fag or can of cider up there. Always enjoyed the graffiti (of varying wit) up there too. Before the county council ruined it by putting fencing up, Borrowcop Hill was a top site for sledging too.

  2. D.Evans says:

    using it for a welcome Park Drive always made a good alternative to doing a complete enforced cross-country run ..and out of sight of CAJ, bless him. But I expect that he knew. Floreat Lichfeldia ! Good to see the sanctuary in restored condition.
    with kind regards and thanks for the link, D.Evans

  3. eye pain says:

    I used to run round it as part of cross country at school (well, more of a gentle amble really). We had a master at school who called it the gay-zee-bow.

  4. Graeme Fisher says:

    Seems much bigger than I remember, although it was always out of bounds. Gay-zee-bow, indeed. Was it Doc White?

  5. Pezholio says:

    We always ironically nicknamed it the gaze – bow

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  11. lola says:

    how do get in there?

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