The Royal British Legion are here to help – but need our help too!

I have here an important message from the Brownhills Branch (and wider organisation, of course) of the Royal British Legion that old friend of the blog John Bird has asked me to share with you all.

Mr Brian Bennett and Mr John Bird, pictured at last summer’s Canal festival. Image kindly supplied by David Evans.

Mr Brian Bennett and Mr John Bird represent the British Legion at Brownhills Canalside Festival. Image kindly supplied by David Evans.

I owe an apology to John over this, he’s very much a respected elder of this parish, who clearly sent me this request a few weeks ago but I’ve only this morning found it lurking in Google’s spam folder. I know a bad workman always blames the tools but I wish Google would leave the spam filtering to me!

John Bird has periodically written clear, eloquent and concise letters to the local press – the ones that have always stuck in mind have been the ones relating to the development and plans for Brownhills High Street, and he’s written some brilliant stuff over the years including one recently that provoked much debate on the subject of Remembrance parade funding.

John Bird has asked me to post the following important matter:

Appeal by Royal British Legion

May I remind all ex-service personnel and their dependants, that the Royal British Legion is available for advice or assistance during times of need. This applies to aids adaptations both personal and around the home. This also includes white goods such as microwave ovens, refrigerators and the like.

Furthermore, if you are a resident in the Brownhills area and would like a home visit for a chat or just to reminisce about old times, how you won the war single handed, or wish to relieve any boredom then local ex-service members of the Brownhills Branch of the Royal British Legion will be    only too pleased to assist.

May I also advise that the membership of our branch is slightly in decline and almost down to single figures. This is due, mainly, to age, disability and the like. We do have one or two younger members but need a few more to secure the future of our branch.

By the way you do not have to be ex-service to join as civilians are currently amongst our membership and are valued members keeping the branch going. That, by the way, is the category that I am in.

For any advice, information or assistance, do not hesitate to contact me, John Bird, Brownhills Branch, Community Officer, at 01543 452238.

John Bird

This is hugely important as we all know of veterans who are not having the best of times, but I also know how many of you support ex-forces causes like I do and would like to help. We don’t have the parades and collections without the Royal British Legion so this institution and it’s membership are hugely important to support our service folk and to continue the annual act of Remembrance.

Again, thanks to John for making an excellent, thoughtful point.

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