Two very distinctive bikes stolen from Rugeley: Keep your eyes out bike folks

Here’s a sad one that came to my attention late last night – but I feel asleep writing the post, sorry. Can everyone please keep a lookout for two missing bikes and bike parts, stolen locally on Thursday night-Friday morning 27-28th December 2018?

They were taken from the shed of Dirty Customs graphics and bike customisation wizard Rob Howells who lives near Rugeley. The bikes (I’m assuming it’s two bikes, the On-One frame is pictured I think it’s a built bike now) will be absolutely unique and very, very distinctive.

The thieves in this case were clearly not opportunists – they broke the locks off the back gate and then his shed and took the locks with them to cover any DNA traces, clearly experienced in what they are doing.

Please bike pals – keep a lookout.

Rob Howells posted on Facebook:

Anyone know scumbags that have broken into my bike shed and nicked my bikes?

My pink meta has been nicked and I want it back and not only that they’ve also taken a carbon On One 456 which was intended to be raffled off for a child’s cancer charity so not only have they taken my pride and joy but they’ve also stolen from a child and his cancer treatment.

Any and all info please let me know. They’ve been reported to the police but I want them back..

Please share as much as possible…

Further additions to the theft, 2 bikes as pictured, 1 carbon Giant front wheel, 2 sets of Hope brakes and a set of Guide R’s. Just to top it off so suggests the people knew what they were looking for…

There are more details of the On-One frame here. You can’t miss it.

You can message Rob Howells directly on Facebook here.

If you know someone that’s suddenly pitched up with a bike matching either description that you feel could be one of these, please do contact Staffordshire Police by dialling 101 or speak to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

You can also mail me in confidence: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

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