The Friends of Brownhills Common – March 2018 meeting coming soon!


We all love the common, but its management has proven controversial. Why not pop along to the meeting and discuss the issues with the experts and other users?

Here’s one for people interested in the issues surrounding Brownhills Common – theres a meeting soon, Monday 19th March 2018 of the Freinds of Brownhills Common group at the Environmental Depot, 200 Pelsall Road, Brownhills – WS8 7EN – please meet in the reception by 7:00pm.

Brownhills Common needs a good active friends group and this is your opportunity to join in and have your say in shaping the future management of the open space we all love.

The meeting is also open to the general public who may not wish to join the friends group, but are encouraged to attend and hear what everyone has to say.

It’s important that we recognise what a valuable, fragile and important habitat Brownhills Common is, and why it requires careful and measured stewardship.

If you’ve only heard the alarmists, it’s a good opportunity to go out and meet, talk and listen to people who understand the issues and want to preserve the wildlife, and to help shape the future of Brownhills’ greatest asset.

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5 Responses to The Friends of Brownhills Common – March 2018 meeting coming soon!

  1. Edwina. says:

    It’s OK being friends of Brownhills Common, have you seen the absolute mess that folk are making on the common by the school when people are collecting their youngsters. How can you teach your children to respect anything when you see them 5 point turning in the road, causing havoc and then driving on the verges leaving a muddy quagmire behind. We have a couple of decent patches of land hereabouts – the Parade being one beautiful piece and these morons rather than walk a few hundred yards decide to park wherever their 4 x 4’s will let them.

    • You’ll find one of the things the Friends are trying to get is bollards to stop this.

      Instead of moaning about it, you could join them and make a difference.

      Just a thought


  2. gillian vincent says:

    Morning Bob hope all is good for you, is this meeting in March aswell as last night 🙂
    Kind Regards

  3. Carl says:

    How can we find out when and where the meeting are.

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