A wish for the Wishing Well?


We all like a good greasy spoon, but do you recall one locally called The Wishing Well? Image from Russell Davies/Typepad.

Here’s a quick enquiry I had in over the last few days that’s got me stumped – the name sounds awfully familiar, but I can’t bring to mind a Wishing Well Cafe locally, can you?

This is certainly one for the local drivers, former drivers and members of teams that met in Caffs to ponder on.

Helen Hill asked:

Hello Bob

I remember stopping at a cafe en route to Bolton from Luton in the 1960s.

My father preferred to avoid Spaghetti junction so we always circumvented the bottom of the M6 choosing to join it further north.

My brother is insistent that this cafe was in Brownhills.

I am sure it is now long gone, but I would love to know if there are any records of it.

Many thanks
Helen Hill

Please do get in touch if you can help, and put both Helen and me out of our misery! Comment here or mail me please: BrownhillsBob at googlemail dot com. Cheers.


the Petrol and Pantry was the big transport cafe in Brownhills, later to become The Terrace. Others were Taylors, on the Pelsall Road, and id Cohen’s on the Chester Road, Shire Oak. Image from Memories of Old Brownhills by Clarice Mayo and Geoff Harrington.

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6 Responses to A wish for the Wishing Well?

  1. Patricia Rogers says:

    There was a Wishing Well Cafe at the top of Breteton Hill on the way to Lichfield from Rugeley… it is a car wash and garage and restaurant now….had been for many years…

  2. Mick Bullock says:

    That is the only Wishing Well cafe in the area and it was cracking transport cafe,had some good bacon sarnies in there.Hardly any small ones about now.

  3. Malcolm case says:

    My wife has a recollection of a Wishing Well cafe on the Lichfield to Rugley road in the 70’s. Not sure if it’s the same one.

  4. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    where was the Del Rio?
    kind regards

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