Would you like a chat about local history?

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Looks like a great morning!

Top contributor, commentor and all round good egg the young David Evans has been busy over the last few weeks organising a treat for local history buffs in Brownhills and the wider community – he’s been asked to do a couple of talks on the history of Walsall Wood.

The first of these takes place on Wednesday 7th September 2017 at 10:30am at The Well centre on Beacon Way in Walsall Wood. I believe it’s free (but it won’t be much if it isn’t) it’s be a fun, funny and informal talk about the history of Walsall Wood, which as most readers will know, David is somewhat of an expert on.

David is a Walsall Wood lad, and has written hundreds of thousands of words on the history of the village in which he grew up. He truly is an engaging, charming and fascinating man, and I commend this event to anyone interested in our local heritage.

I wish everyone involved well and look forward to news of David’s further talks coming soon!

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  1. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    the second talk will be hosted by Walsall Wood library(on the corner of Coppice Road and the High Street) on Wednesday 28th September at 2.30p.m…..and will be quite different, yet complementary. ! I hope a poster will be published for this in due course. I will use powerpoint presentations ( a sort of modern magic lantern show ) to illustrate both talks, and look forward to shaking hands with a few friendly faces at both venues.
    kind regards

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