Do you remember the Wheatsheaf?


The Wheatsheaf is now long gone, replaced by houses. It rood on the corner of Mill Road and Ogley Road. A great image by Mike Leonard.

Wendy Gates has been in touch to ask if anyone remembers her family who owned and worked at the long-gone Wheatsheaf pub in Ogley Road, Brownhills up until the 1970s – Wendy has fond recollections of this popular lost pub, and wants to know if anyone has any memories to share?

Wendy wrote:

Hi Bob

My Grandad use to run the Wheatsheaf pub with his wife Emily, they had two dogs – an alsatian and a black one. My Dad used to help with my Mum behind the bar, and my Uncle Ted also worked there.

Grandad was Harry Warner and was married to Emily Insall [possibly Insull – Bob], I believe the pub was in her late husbands name.

Family name was Warner on my Dads side, they lived in Ogley Square, went to the Ogley School. when we were kids we lived in Hillside. Dad worked at the GEC in Lozells.

I think the pub was owned by Emily who’s hubby had died, I am not sure how grandad acquired it, they still had it in 1970 when I was a kid, as I can remember going there.

I think by the 80s they had moved to Preston, he was definitely there in the 60s and early 70s, but I am sure the pub was in his wife’s name, or even in her mothers name.

This is Harry, I don’t have any pictures of Emily but would love one, she died when I was very small


‘Harry’ Warner, who ran The Wheatsheaf. Image kindly supplied by Wendy Gates.

Does anybody remember them or can add more detail please?

Wendy Gates

Anything you can contribute, please do; we’ve mentioned the Wheatsheaf before in reference to various topics, but it always seems to generate a lot of comment whenever mentioned on Facebook.. Please comment here or BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.

Thanks to Wendy for a wonderful picture and enquiry!

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10 Responses to Do you remember the Wheatsheaf?

  1. I used to use here way back, lived on Ogley Road at the time. Went to celebrate New Year with the lads from Young Barber one year and ended up losing the weekend.
    Ah long lost days!

  2. John lakin says:

    I used to in there with my grandad jack lakin he lived in mill Rd I’m sure it had a bowling green

  3. aerreg says:

    re harry warner and my old grey matter my mom and dad moved into 114 lichfield rd oposite the memo after the warner family left as i recall they had a daughter joyce and a son jack oh happy days thanks for the memory god bless

  4. Glennis Langford says:

    My dad used to play darts for The Wheatsheaf and I used to go all the time and play in the gardens at the back . I remember Emily running the place – fond memories .

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    • Jammy Git says:

      I don’t remember anybody called Emily running the Sheaf, must’ve been a few years before my time. I used to live in Mill Rd and growing up in the late 70s i remember Brad & Gladys Cooksey running the place. My mom used to sometimes work there and i used to be friends with their son Neil at the time.
      Brad & Gladys left in the early 80s and Alan & Ann Wright ran the place for a few years but i can’t remember who took over the pub after they left. To me though, Brad & Gladys were the main landlord and landlady of the Wheatsheaf in my era.

  5. Martin Hopkins says:

    I used to go with my dad as a young lad to the racing Pigeon flyer’s club. After the race ( usually on a Saturday ) we used to take the pigeon clocks down to the pub and the winners of each race were announced by the committee. I think this was around the late seventies, early eighties.

  6. Lynne says:

    Hi Wendy are you jacks daughter

  7. Richard perrins says:

    played darts there many times when I played for the nags head .in pelsall area Monday nights .i remember when .ally brown who played for walsall kept it .

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