The Craft Barn at Chasewater needs your help!


This place is so useful, it really is brilliant. Image from the Craft Barn Facebook page.

That there Lucy Wood from the Saxon Hill Craft Barn shop at Chasewater Innovation Centre has written to let me know that they’re currently seeking businesses that may have waste materials they’d be able to supply to the project instead of throwing away, thus reducing refuse bills for the businesses concerned.

The Craft Barn sells material for craft purposes, by taking clean business waste – everything from wooden crates to fabric offcuts – and using them to make great crafting materials for the general public to browse and buy – and it’s all really cheap.

It really is an Aladdin’s Cave.

This is a fine project backed by the remarkable and wonderful Saxon Hill School in Lichfield, and I’m proud to support it, too. In the seemingly harsh and uncaring world we currently inhabit, it’s nice to see that these excellent people still give a damn.

Community Project needs support

A Community Project is appealing to the Commercial, Retail and Industrial sector for support.

We need donations – Can YOUR BUSINESS help?

Saxon Hill Craft Barn is a work based learning initiative run by Saxon Hill Academy in Lichfield, with recycling at heart. The craft store, based at Chasewater Park in Brownhills provides retail based work experience to pupils with disabilities and their associated learning difficulties

They work with companies that are looking to reduce their waste disposal bills and turn your clean business waste into low cost crafting supplies. taking many items from unwanted, unsaleable stock, store décor, packaging and other items that would otherwise end up in land fill.

The Barn offers this service for FREE; collections can be as frequent as infrequent as you like

Marketing Manager at The Saxon Hill Craft Barn, Lucy Wood said: ‘We constantly need businesses to donate unwanted items that would usually end up in the bin. We would like to hear from potential supporters, who would like to find out more about forging an on ongoing partnership with this life changing initiative from Saxon Hill Academy.’

The Craft Barn is open all year round; any interested parties should contact the Marketing Team via email on more information about becoming a donator is available on our website

Lucy Wood

Marketing and PR Manager – Saxon Hill Craft Barn
In partnership with Saxon Hill Academy & Community Connect


Lucy and the Scrap Barn Team celebrate their first birthday a couple of years ago. Image from their Facebook page.

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3 Responses to The Craft Barn at Chasewater needs your help!

  1. Nicki says:

    What sort of things do u need?

  2. Maureen Poxon says:

    Are you looking for materials for card craft, knitting wools etc.

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