Interested in Norton Canes?


There’s loads of great material – like this wonderful image of Norton Canes British Legion. Image from Norton Canes History.

I seen Philip Burton, friend of the blog and moderation of the Norton canes History Group on Facebook has got together with other members to create a great new website for Norton Canes history material.

There are great photos, and the content is growing all the time – it looks like it’s going to be a great resource for anyone interested in the history of the village over the water, and I know many Brownhills folk have family and other interests in Norton; after all, we were under the same council for years!

Click here to go and take a look!

My compliments to Philip and friends and I recommend you add Norton Canes History to your favourites and keep popping back!


There’s wonderful material like this out mines and canals, too! Map from Norton Canes History.

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8 Responses to Interested in Norton Canes?

  1. Pedro says:

    Surely the “King of Norton Canes” will feature!

  2. fb. lycett says:

    The map on& Rugely here is Hednesford loading basin, serving Cannock & Rugeley pits and early East Cannock, Norton Canes ??

  3. Pedro says:

    Something that worries me a little is that quite a few people can’t stand Facebook. Sometimes when a website and Facebook run parallel the website becomes secondary.

    • Hi Pedro, yes King of Norton will feature, as we get the site sorted. As you so rightly say some people hate FB and won’t touch it with a barge pole. This is the reason the web site was set up along side the FB page to give those people the chance to get into the history of the Village through the website. The Heath Hayes History web site runs parallel with the FB Page and is very successful.

  4. Martin Littler says:

    It’s always a joy to read, love the old photo’s of Norton Canes and the surrounding area’s.

  5. Philip Burton says:

    fb. lycett, why not take a look at the web site before query and you will see that the canal serving Hednesford Basin starts at Chasewater feeder reservoir into Anglesey basin to Brownhills on to Pelsall Junction where the Cannock Extension starts and Feeds The Grove, Conduit 3 in Norton, The Fair Lady Heath Hayes, Leacroft & Mid Cannock well before Hednesford

  6. dogrescuesunited says:

    I don’t think it’s relevant it the website becomes second, it’s all about people having choices on the Internet, website has been running for several years, the FB group 12 months, it’s all about catering for the public.

    • Pedro says:

      Yes as much choice as possible. But surely if the website does become secondary then the minority maybe less catered for. Not only that you may miss out on the gems that can be found all over this site.!

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