Suspicious activity in Shire Oak – be on the lookout, please

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Common side and Quantock Close, Shire Oak. Imagery from Apple Maps.

With the unfortunate rise in local break-ins and vehicle burglaries lately, this warning reaches me from Sarah Michelle Horton-Samra who posted it in the Shire Oak group on Facebook yesterday (Monday, 22nd February 2016).

Sarah Michelle Horton-Samra shared the following post:


I just thought it was best to give people on here a heads up! After my husbands van was broken into a few months back I have been very suspicious of a group of youths that seem to be loitering around Commonside towards Quantock close.

I see them regularly throughout the night from early evening to 2..3..4 am!

My husband left for work at 3:30 am this Monday morning and was approached by two men who he said looked very suspicious both dressed in dark clothes hoodies and backpacks they asked him the time but whilst doing this they was checking his van out and seeing what he was loading onto it.

Since we had our van broken into my husband no longer leaves any tools on there overnight we learnt our lesson the hard way!

He is usually the level headed one out of the two of us but he said there was something really dodgy about them they headed off in the Quantock close/estate area after loading his van he decided to drive of in the direction they headed to see if they was still around he usually goes a different way.

I just wanted to warn our neighbourhood and to be vigilant of any unwanted attention of these people /group of youths. if you have vans please please do not leave any tools on overnight.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Cheers to Sarah for the warning – most community spirited of you – thanks.

I reiterate as I do in all these cases – lock up your house properly, don’t leave valuables on display or keys where they can easily be taken, and as the warning points out, don’t leave tools or valuable materials in your vehicle overnight.

It’s sad that we have to be like this, but it pays to be that little bit more careful.

The people doing this are more than likely doing it to raise cash from the proceeds of selling what they steal. If you know of anyone hawking around tools, computers or other stuff that seems to be dubious, please grub them into the police – the stuff they’re flogging is probably nicked.

Anyone with information about local  is urged to contact Walsall Police by dialling 101 or speak to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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