Bin collection tomorrow for Brownhills, Pelsall, Shelfield and East Aldridge


Hey bin bothers – here’s the Christmas bin information for this festive season. Click for a larger version. Thanks to Vicky Portman for the info.

Just a heads up to all the bin botherers that there is a bin collection tomorrow (Friday, 8th January 2016) for areas 9 and 10 – that’s Brownhills, Pelsall, Shelfield, High Heat, Shire Oak and West Aldridge – so get your bins out for the lads tonight.

If your bin collection day is normally Friday and you live in Walsall Borough, this means you!

Crews will be collecting the normal grey and green bins and up to three extra bags of general refuse. The extra bags WILL BE COLLECTED SEPARATELY BY A DIFFERENT CREW and I’ve been asked to pass on the message from Clean and Green that if your extra bags are not collected, place them out again and the crew will be around next day. Those guys are expected to be working hard to keep up.

The full information for local bin collection schedules in Walsall is below:


Here’s the latest bin calendar. Note the footnotes as the collection for areas 9 and 10 on the 28th is listed there, but not the main table. Click for a larger version.

If you’re confused, click here to use the postcode checker on the council website.

Hope that helps clarify things – folks seem to get a bit worked up about Christmas bin collections…

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