Walsall Wood Remembrance Sunday pictures

Just a quick one – The young David Evans today (8th November 2015) went to his local Remembrance event in Walsall Wood, which regulars will remember has been the cause of some controversy this year.

Despite the somewhat curtailed parade, Walsall Wood came out in force and the participants did Walsall Wood proud, as ever. Thanks to Lee Braginton of Walsall Wood Scouts and all the other kid’s groups, including the Boys and Girls Brigade band.

Also doing sterling service was David, whose camera went flat soon after arrival!

Thanks to David and all those who took part in, or went to observe Remembrance. This is what community is about.

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6 Responses to Walsall Wood Remembrance Sunday pictures

  1. carl smith says:

    Where are the pictures for the Brownhills event?

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  2. Thanks! Brilliant. I have asked permission to use them here. In the mean time, they’re at these links:


    Honestly folks, if people send me pics (or links) only be too happy to run them here. Must confess, never run pictures of Remembrance before – just never occurred to me. Only when I had an email from David today did I think of doing so.


  3. Dave (Eddy) Edwards says:

    Well done “Young David” and the folks of Walsall Wood. I well remember as a young man playing the Last Post at Walsall Wood as part of the local Boys Brigade

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