Action stations

Thanks to Twitter cycling whizz and all round top guy @WolvesOnWheels who tipped me off last week, there’s a Facebook group that’s been featuring a lot of Brownhills, Walsall Wood and Pelsall railway photographs lately, posted by Si Swain.

Disused Railways features great stuff from all over the UK, and unlike a lot of these sorts of groups, the drive to credit photographers and original material seems genuine and positive.

With that in mind, I’ve grabbed a few of the images here; do go have a look and also check out the ‘Photography by DJ Norton‘ site, a real treasury that’s been featured here before.

I especially like the DMU at Brownhills, and the flat-fronted Class 20 coming over Ryders Hayes. A fascinating group and thanks to Si Swain for posting the images.

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  1. Ian says:

    Hi Bob
    Interesting set of photographs. Couple of additional comments which may be helpful.
    Brownhills Goods Yard – category 3 – was submitted for closure 25/3/64. Its closure was approved on 1/4/64 and closure actually took place on 10th August 1964, not April.
    The Official BR Notice for the signal box closure gives 23rd January 1967, with all points and sidings, clipped for removal. The photograph of the derelict box is c.1967 and is as yet unattributed.
    The Brownhills Station photograph of 2/12/63 was taken by the late Peter Shoesmith, the copyright to his work I believe now resides with GD/JW as indicated in one of the photographs.
    The “station” which would have consisted of two wooden platforms, one on the up line, and one on the down, at Ryder’s Hayes was opened in April 1856, and not at the opening of the line. Its location has yet to be confirmed, though it is reasonable to believe it to be on the Walsall side of the level crossing. The halt closed in May 1858; a very short-lived existence.
    The photograph of the 2 class 20’s is as yet unattributed. I believe the photograph was taken on the afternoon of 4/8/1974 and shows 20176 and 20166 northbound on an empty coke train. The headcode of 8E60 is possibly incorrect and should have read 8E06 which was an afternoon empty coke train from Spring Vale Steelwork (Bilston) to Treeton (Sheffield). Treeton was a staging point for traffic from the local coking works at Orgreaves – near to the site of the infamous clash between Miners and Police.
    The line closed to passenger traffic as of Monday 18th January 1965, the last passenger trains running on Saturday 16th. It had been scheduled to close to passengers in the previous December and then on the 5th January, but the Notice was incorrectly served in the first instance, and the replacement bus service was not ready in time for the later.
    The Walsall Wood photographs are attributed to Peter Shoesmith for the Sept 1957 picture and the 1947 has a cryptic attribution of “Derby 090314” on the original print.
    Hope the above is of interest.
    Kindest regards

  2. No passenger waits on Chittening platform or CHESLYN HAY

    Pye Hill and Somercotes … on the Slow Train

    (Windmill End near Dudley)

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