A sad announcement

A few people have contacted me now to inform me of the sad passing of Paul Degville. Paul was a great musician and his music played a fascinating part in Brownhills musical history.


Paul, playing at the Crown, brownhills, as many of his fans will remember him. Paul Degville is playing along with David Danks, who kindly supplied this photo.

Ian Bourne, Paul’s nephew, contacted me in the week. He said:

Hello mate,

I’m really, really sorry to tell you that my Uncle Paul – Paul Degville, passed away suddenly on Sunday. I’m obviously, gutted. I’m still trying to locate a few relatives.

I’ll be in touch with more details soon.

Many thanks,


I sent my sympathies. Ian continued:

Hi mate,

Thank you very much for your kind words. It’s heartbreaking, the only solace I am finding is that he’s at peace with my dear mom Jenny now.

There are no funeral arrangements as of yet. As soon as I have them and/or any memorial planned could I ask that you add a little something to the wonderful Blog?

Please know that Paul, and all of us, took so much pleasure from the Blog posts, but particularly of course the wonderful Crown posts.

We can never thank you, and the guy that spent the time rescuing, enough.

Thanks again mucker, you’re a star,


I’m sure I speak on behalf of the entire community that read and participate in The Brownhills Blog when I offer my heartfelt sympathy to Ian and Paul’s family, and all who knew and loved this remarkable musician. I’m proud and happy that we managed, as a community, to find, record and preserve recordings of a remarkable bit of history while Paul was still with us.

As soon as I have details of funeral arrangements, I will, of course, post them here.

Take care, Ian. My best wishes and sympathy go out to you.

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6 Responses to A sad announcement

  1. brian stringer says:

    Sad news indeed. Only talking to another Jazz fan about Paul on Wednesday night.

  2. brian stringer says:

    Anyone wants to view a few bars by Paul, watch a clip on youtube from 1983 when he played with the late, great Tommy Burton, on Pebble Mill. The clip is from Jungle Book and called “I want to be like you” as only Tommy could sing it.

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  6. Richard (Dick) Rowe says:

    Shocked and saddened to discover that Paul had died. I was a Sunday lunchtime regular at the Crown during the 70’s and will never forget those times. Being a modernist I was guilty of boring everyone going on about Parker, Gillespie and Miles. Apart from Paul I thought Norman was outstanding on the vibes. Happy Days!

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