The George & Dragon, Clayhanger: What do you know?

I received a comment last week from reader Kylie who was interested in The George and Dragon in Clayhanger at the turn of the last century. She asked:

Hi there,

I’m interested in any history about the george and dragon pub as in 1901, one of my ancestors owned it, Arthur Henry Poxon.

Struggling to find anything.

Help would be appreciated…

Thanks in advance.

Reader [Howmuch?] has turned up a few good newspaper articles from the time, including the one below, which mentions the Poxons. I’m kind of hoping Paul Ford of Walsall Local History Centre is reading this and can offer a little help. Any contributions gratefully received, thanks.

From the Walsall Observer, April 1905. Click for a larger version.


Pelsall & District Miners Union.- In connection with No. 6 Lodge, a Supper was held at the George & Dragon, Clayhanger, on Saturday evening last, when upwards of 100 sat down to a good meal, provided by the host and hostess, Mr. and Mrs. Poxon. After supper short speeches were given by Ben Dean, J.P., agent, and Thos. Roe, financial secretary. A presentation was made to the late secretary of the Lodge, Edward Instone, which took the form of a Gold Albert Chain. The rest of the evening was spent in a convivial manner, and was brought to a close by the singing of “The Anchor’s Weighed” by the company.

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3 Responses to The George & Dragon, Clayhanger: What do you know?

  1. Andy Dennis says:

    Hello Kylie.
    Kelly’s Directory 1896 has Arther Poxon, George & Dragon PH and John Poxon shopkeeper, both Clayhanger (p420) – see John was father?

    1901 Census as Inn Keeper, George & Dragon (guess you’ve seen). Can’t find him in 1891 Census.

  2. Paul Ford says:

    OK, just a bit on this while the Poxons were involved.

    The earliest I can trace the George & Dragon in the then Rushall Magistrate’s Court licence records is 1887. In 1887 the pub was owned and managed by Samuel Marklew from Walsall Wood. On 31st March 1890, William Smith became the licence holder, though Marklew still owned the pub. The pub was taken over by the Trent Valley Brewing Co, Lichfield in 1891 and then the Lichfield Brewery Co in 1892, with Smith still operating the pub.

    On 5th Nov 1894, Arthur Poxon became the licence holder, with the pub still owned by the Lichfield Brewery Co. Arthur Poxon continues as the named licensee at the pub until the 11th February 1907, when Rachel Poxon takes over the licence. Arthur may have died in the Dec quarter of 1906. Rachel (I think the widow?) marries an Arthur Owen in 1908 and the licence is made out to Rachel Owen.

    The pub is transferred to an Edward Craddock on the 13th November 1911. That is not the end of the matter regarding Poxons (assuming it is the same family) and the pub. On 3rd May 1915, Ruth E Littler becomes the licence holder. In 1916, she marries a John Poxon. Ruth keeps the pub until 1921, when the licence is transferred to Ernest Lote – still owned by the Lichfield Brewery Co.

  3. Martin Griffin says:

    Following on from Andy you will find Arthur and Rachel in the 1891 census with the surname shown on Ancestry as Poeon. At that time Arthur, like most of the Poxon males at that time was shown as a coal miner

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