Urgent – Harris Hawk lost in Burntwood

It was THIS big.

If you find one of these is closing in on you, best of luck. But please call Jim. Image from Wikimedia commons.

I have no idea what to make of this – lost raptors are a new one for the blog, but never a dull moment – just has this report of a lost Harris Hawk in from Jim Mason of Burntwood:

Hi BrownhillsBob,

Just trying to alert everyone that a Harris hawk has been released into the wild, the bird has to be considered as dangerous and will attack people for food…

Released from Newgate street Burntwood… May now be over chasewater…

If seen I can call the bird down but without knowing where to start searching I am searching blind…

Been out since first light today and all day yesterday searching…

I did see the bird from a distance but unable to get close enough to retrieve him…

If seen please call me on

07934 249993



For once, I recommend wearing a bike helmet at Chasewater. Take care.

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5 Responses to Urgent – Harris Hawk lost in Burntwood

  1. ema says:

    Its over ridgeway primary school. Circled about 3 m above me about 10 min ago with something in its mouth. Still got tassels on feet. Left jim a voice mail..i read the post on fb yesterday. PIcking little un up from nursery and there it was. The tassels drew my attention

  2. Andy Jenkins says:

    Hi Jim,I was travelling away from sainsburys/homebase towards the “tip island” yesterday,Sunday,at 2.30pm. I saw this bird on top of one of the streetlights 3/4 of the way down towards the island. It was very still, looking to the left,on the left handside of the road. Hope this helps.

  3. I’ll just clear something up that was unclear when I received the initial contact.

    This isn’t Jim’s bird. Apparently, it’s been released deliberately by a bad owner. Jim, a skilled falconer, is trying to catch it.

    Thanks to Jim for the clarification, and cheers for the help from readers. And of course, good luck, Jim…


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  5. Catherine Hancox says:

    A chicken has been killed in someone’s back garden by a hawk which could be this one. It was in Norton Canes. Norton Road East. Might still be lurking there as she has three more chickens!

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