5 Responses to Demolition, man?

  1. Rob Sollom says:

    Hi Bob,
    There’s a note on the drawing that states that the existing centre will be demolished on completion of the new centre, and replaced by 2 junior football pitches. This should keep the facilities available to folk!


    • Yes indeed- although with the report contradicting that, I’d like it confirmed. It would be mad if they didn’t – effectively pushing folk to Burntwood.


  2. Malcolm Case says:

    This is indeed good news. However, in order to achieve the Council’s ambitions of addressing various health issues, particularly obesity, they are going to need more help from Walsall’s GPs than they currently get. The council’s Sports and Leisure department, in conjunction with Walsall NHS, run a number of excellent programmes geared towards such things as weight loss, stroke recovery and cardiovascular exercise. Unfortunately very few GP practices actively promote these programmes. It is left to individuals to find out for themselves either from the local press or from third parties Until the GPs co-operate I can’t see these new facilities being used anymore than the existing ones.

  3. Peter says:

    Like you point out Bob it would be good to gain clarification………. I can’t believe they’ll knock it all over and then start building, would be very odd.

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