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A great evening and well worth the trip.

Last night, I attended Walsall’s great night market event, and like the huge majority of those who actually at attended, I enjoyed it a great deal. Contrary to some comment, there were plenty of local traders there who were flying the flag for the borough. My attention was drawn particularly to the pork products stall held by Big Tasties, from Brownhills.

Readers of my 365daysofbiking journal will remember that last year, I was fascinated by the fine pigs being kept on the smallholding on the patch of land between the A5 and canal at Newtown, Brownhills. It seems they were destined for fine butties and breakfasts. I wonder if the sheep were destined for the table, too?


Bacon from pigs that died happy. What’s not to love?

You can’t beat free range produce. I suggest you check these people out. They’re on Facebook, too.

Also present were other other traders, like Slow Loaf from Walsall, whose excellent artisan baking is developing somewhat of a cult following. Brum’s Tan Rosie, makers of fine Carribean sauces and condiments were there, too. I love their spicy mango sauce on my chips.

I don’t know when the next night market is likely to be, but ignore the miserablists. It was a fine do, and great fun.


The products, by all accounts, are very tasty indeed! Click on the image to visit Big Tasties website.

Delicious, fresh, free range.

We are a family run business that supply free range, rare breed pork. All born & bred outdoors. all our animals are fully traceable and Big Tasties are registered with The British Pig Association.

We supply a large range of pork products., all of which can be delivered straight to your door. Remember. local produce reduces food miles!

Big Tasties, big value!

The Gables, 235 Watling Street, Newtown, Brownhills, WS8 6JR.

07535 035 858 or o1922 440 467

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  1. David Evans says:

    HI Bob
    at last we have an image of of the Brownhills Streaker!

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