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The Canoe Centre’s future is not uncertain. Brownhills Community Association are looking forward to a packed summer of activities, at least on being a tour of a local brewery. That should test their organisational skills.

Nice to see the good old Express & Star taking the lead from local blogs again. Their website is currently featuring a story about the Brownhills Canoe and Outdoor Centre, whose future looked questionable due to the pulling out of prospective partners Bear Creek Adventure. Bear Creek had announced previously they were running the centre, under contract to Brownhills Community Association, and then posted on Facebook last week that they’d been unable to agree a contract.

Apparently there are ongoing ‘talks with other organisations’, which is positive news, but I can’t help thinking that for Bear Creek to make the announcements they did, and to set up web and social media presence without Brownhills Community Association being at all aware, things don’t look to have been too well organised.

There’s still the small matter of the website ( that points to Edgbaston’s facilities, and not Brownhills. That’ll be good for new custom, not.

Perhaps if Brownhills Community Association concentrated more on their own business than interfering elsewhere (more  on that later in the week) this whole episode might not have occurred.

Meanwhile, nice to see the Express & Star still read the blog, despite half their journalists having blocked me on Twatter. Oh, the irony…

The Express & Star story can be seen here, and I’ve transcribed it below:

Brownhills activity centre vow after talks of takeover fail

An outdoor activity centre has reassured the public it is still open after it emerged talks with a management company had broken down.

Brownhills Community Association, which runs the Brownhills Canoe and Outdoor Centre in Silver Street, was in discussions with Birmingham-based Bear Creek Adventure Ltd about operating the site.

 Contracts were never agreed but statements were released in December suggesting the leisure company had taken over the community-owned facility.

But the association is taking steps to reassure residents after talks broke down.

Janet Davies, of the Brownhills Community Association, said there were no question marks over the centre’s future and that talks were ongoing with other organisations. She said: “It is unfortunate that the company seem to have been premature in releasing details stating they were managing the site before any deal was done.

“Talks broke down for a number of reasons but users should not be worried.

“We are still open and are busily preparing for our spring and summer activities.”

Bear Creek Adventure Ltd did not want to comment on the talks but a statement on a Facebook site called Brownhills Canoe Centre said: “Unfortunately, due to contractual difficulties, Bear Creek Adventure Ltd & Edgbaston Watersports have withdrawn from Brownhills Canoe Centre.”

The community association is available on 01543 452119.

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  1. Grande Pablo says:

    Not wanting to ‘name names’, but I have it on good authority that a repuatble charitable organisation have been looking at this & other facilities since last year to do some outreach work with the kids of the borough. These are great people I’ve had the pleasure of spending some time with, so I really hope it comes off.

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