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The Hippo points out, once again, the farcical, hypocritical and pompous nature of Walsall politics. Click on the screen shot to read the post on the Hippo’s blog.

I see my original post about the scandal of allowance increases for Walsall Council cabinet members is still getting a lot of traffic.

Anyone taken in by the absolute load of old tut posted in the comments last night by the Walsall Liberal Democrat Membership Officer Paul Wild may also wish to read this post about their political flexibility, also published yesterday by The Plastic Hippo.

Far from being a party of principle, Walsall Liberal Democrats have a huge history of chicanery and political double dealing, and let us not forget, Mike Bird would not be in power now to award himself a raise if the highly principled folk of the centre ground were not propping him up.

Walsall Labour Group are still away with the fairies, however. As I said on twitter in the week, I know they say that we get the politicians we deserve… I’m not sure when the citizens of Walsall shot Bambi’s mother exactly, but I think we’ve been punished enough.

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A frustrated observed comments on the Birmngham Press about the inscrutability of Walsall Labour Group’s actions. Click on the image to visit the post in question.

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