New Co-op on Streets Corner: Any news?

I keep getting messages and emails about this. The new store that’s been built on the old car lot in Walsall Wood seems to have been ready to open for weeks, but nothing seems to be happening: Like the Wetherspoons in Aldridge, everything seems to have stalled with no progress apparent.

Anyone know whats going on in either case? Seems a bit odd.

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A lovely new Co-op store, ready and waiting, as pictured on November 23rd, 2012. I would have thought it would open before Christmas. Still stuck in this state. Anyone know why?

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13 Responses to New Co-op on Streets Corner: Any news?

  1. Mark says:

    Seems an odd place to build a co-op over the road from a Tesco Metro? Let the shop wars commence!

  2. JeepBoy says:

    avion interior untouched – jdw website lists new openings until may and aldridge not included so opening would seem to be some way off 🙁

    • Neil says:

      Hi Bob, if you think back to the Spring Cottage conversion into a co-op and the one near Bloxwich. They appeared finished for weeks before they openned. Perhaps there is more going on internally than first appears or maybe it cant open until a certain date even though finished. Cheers, keep up good work.

  3. emell says:

    Hi Bob, the Co-op have just completed a new store build on the old Spot garage site in Chasetown,no sign of it opening yet,when it does open there will be three Co-op shops in the Burntwood area…….

  4. JeepBoy says:

    Conversely their new store on Broadway Walsall [old Steve Thompson garage] opened in super-quick time

  5. Alvin Cox says:

    dear bob I heard a rumour that they had only got one shelf stacker?
    also the old PearTree Brownhills West is going to be a Co-op, which pub is next in line.

  6. oakparkrunner says:

    Posters on the Streets Corner co-op say’s, open early 2013. No firm date given

  7. warren says:

    I can confirm that the interior is completely empty, so still some time off.

  8. Peter says:

    Next pub for a Co-op make over, my monies on the Cedar tree at Lazy Hill.
    Talking of conversions, looks like the old Focus halfway between Aldridge and Brownhills, exactly in the middle of nowhere, (depending on your age could read Big K) is going to be an ASDA.
    Let the shop wars begin.

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  10. JeepBoy says:

    At last Co-op Streets Corner to open 9am Thurs 21 March

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