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David Moore covers, amongst other really important stuff, the Hanch Tunnel. Legendary. Click the screenshot to visit his post on the subject.

It’s about time I gave some other bloggers a plug again. There’s a wealth of good stuff out there, and I do like to share the posts of those I read and enjoy. For the best in local stuff, always take a punt over to the YamYam for Walsall, or any of its sister sites, The Staffie, The Brummie etc. – just check the ‘beyond’ tab in the menu bar.

One of the best at the moment is Dave Moore – Morturn – and his work on Sandfields Pumping Station in Lichfield. Dave, you’ll remember, was the history whizz who alerted me to the Brownhills Surge Stack that roused so much interest recently. Dave has posted about the decay of the building, progress on its preservation, and a fascinating piece about the battle to get Lichfield District Council to repair damage to the pumping station under it’s status as a grade II listed building.

As a frustrated drainer, though, his description and documentation of the legendary Hanch Tunnel has been a real eye-opener. If you want to know why I’m so fascinated, take a look at the drainer site Sub-Urban and get back to me

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We all seem to be using the same theme these days… click to visit Susan’s post.

After a short break, Susan Marie Ward has returned with a fascinating and touching post about the Manor Hospital, and the site it shares with the last remains of the Union Workhouse in Walsall. This is territory briefly covered here before on the Brownhills Blog – I dragged an urban exploration of the Guardian’s Office into the light a couple of years ago. Sadly the other building featured in that post is now no more, lost to the local arsonists.

Meanwhile, Kate Cardigan’s Lichfield Lore continues to surprise, delight and fascinate. Kate has put heart and soul into her blog of late and there really is some top local history stuff there. Long may it continue.

Another blog I’m reading a lot lately is that of Lucy Wood. It’s not about history, it’s about life, as seen from the seat of one driving a wheelchair through a not always accommodating world. It really is a lovely thing, and Lucy, who works at the Lichfield Scrap Barn’s shop at the Chasewater Innovation Centre, is forthright and honest in her opinions. While you’re there, check out the work of Lichfield Scrap Barn, an excellent project by the people behind Lichfield’s Saxon Hill School. A wonderful and inspiring place.

Also upcoming in the personal blog department is Trevor Bond, who’s a familiar sight around Brownhills with his huge hound, Hekta. Trevor is having a pop at a blogging challenge this year, and has had a bit of a tough time of it lately. Trev is always a lovely read, so please check him out.

If you’re reading anything at the moment that you’re finding particularly engaging, please do let me know.

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