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DMU on 30051959
A remarkable image supplied by Ian Clark of the Stephenson Locomotive Society. But where was this picture taken? Click for a larger version.

Here’s an unusual one that came in yesterday afternoon. When I saw the picture kindly supplied by Ian, I immediately thought of the image of a similar charter in Bill Mayo and John Sale’s great book ‘Memories of Old Walsall Wood’, which I include at the foot of the post.

I can’t say if this was the Conduit or not – but between the lad in the foreground and the two gents in centre field, that definitely seems to be the Cannock Chase skyline. The placement of the slag heap in map in the Conduit post seems to suggest this was the line past Chasewater, I think.

Thanks to Ian for the fascinating enquiry.

If anyone has any ideas, please do comment or mail me on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.

Hello Bob,

I am a member of the Stephenson Locomotive Society and I am working with the SLS Library to clear up mystery photographs.

We have a photograph, which I attach, which is believed have been taken on 30/5/1959 as part of an SLS Rail Tour. A reference to this tour can be seen on the Six Bells Junction website. A image that appears similar to that attached can be seen on the Chasewater Railway website:

First I am seeking to confirm that our photo is indeed at Conduit Colliery. The Chasewater Railway if I read the webpage correctly was on site from 1963 and subsequently dismantled the track. I do not know whether there was any significance in the SLS visit to Conduit Colliery such as last train there? Can you help with this?


Ian Clark.

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  • Fred B Lycett

    I reckon that is Conduit, possibly taken just before Norton Canes crossing looking back

  • Hi Bob,
    The Bending the Conduit Photo is taken alongside the Brownhills Rd, the spoil heap is Conduit 3 and the colliery will be the other side of it, Red Lion La will be in the forefront of the spoil heap prior to the houses being built. The houses in the background to the right of the train would be what we call the Trees Estate, Chasewater immediately right of the train. I’m assuming we are looking at the No1 end of the train which is actually facing towards what is now the Chasewater preservation society, so this tells me if its heading for conduit it is being driven from No 2 end.

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