Tree cheers… and thanks.

St. John’s churchyard has been the site for the Christmas tree for several years now.

I know I’ve posted this on my 365daysofbiking journal, but it bears repeating here where there’s a wider audience.

Since Walsall Council no longer centrally organises Christmas Trees for the borough’s satellite towns, most go without. A few centres do their own thing, and Walsall Wood is well provided for due to the generosity of the local Councillors Anthony Harris and Mike Flower, who both dip into their pockets every year and joint-fund the tree themselves.

I’d like to publicly thank them for this act of generosity and community spirit. We may not see eye to eye politically, but that’s a wonderful gesture and it deserves pointing out.

Thanks, lads. Merry Christmas!

I think I’m getting into the Christmas spirit now…

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4 Responses to Tree cheers… and thanks.

  1. tkevcro says:

    From their gross salary of £30,000 between them for being Councillors I might add.

  2. David Evans says:

    HI Bob
    Good photos! I wonder if readers have photos of other Christmas trees in the borough they might like to share? The Muppet U tube clip also linked to a group of shivering cyclists singing carols….!!

  3. caz says:

    Beautiful tree and i add my thanks

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