Cycling up The Wood

Yesterday (Saturday, 1st September 2012) was a nice day, particularly in the late afternoon. I’ve just got a copy of Final Cut for editing videos, and was keen to have a play, so I thought I’d turn out another ride video for Trev in Australia and maybe for a few other Brownhills/Walsall Wood exiles and expats, now resident in other corners of the world.

In this one, I’m coming from Chasewater along the canal, and the journey picks up on the towpath near Catshill, heads past The Anchor on the cut, over Cathshill Junction, Clayhanger Bridge, leaving the canal at The Black Cock Bridge. From here, I nip down Hall Lane, loop through Walsall Wood High Street, hang a right up Brookland Road and over to the old area of Holly Bank. Travelling full length of Holly Lane, including the alley where the lane used to join Lichfield Road. From there, over Shire Oak Hill and down into Brownhills.

In order to make it a bit more parable, sections are at normal speed and 3.5x speed. The soundtrack is ‘Tuesday Afternoon’ – to me, possible the Moody Blues finest moment.

My apologies for the rough edits. I’ll get better at it I guess, but Final Cut a huge program to get used to…

The route I took, highlighted on Google Earth. Click for a larger version.

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9 Responses to Cycling up The Wood

  1. David Evans says:

    HI Bob
    a super video…I recognised most of the places!

  2. david oakley says:

    Hi Bob,
    Great Video. Enjoyed the tour from High Street Walsall Wood to High Street, Brownhills. Remembered the long upward gradient in Brookland Road to the Vigo corner and beyond, used to long for a bus, but in those days the road led nowhere only to the common. there was about 15 houses in Holly lane, then which was a muddy lane. On the crest of Shire Oak Hill is a house which captured my imagination as a child. It appears to be roofed with roofing felt, yet is still standing after all those years. highly entertaining. Thanks.

  3. Trevor Brown says:

    Hi Bob, Thank you for your wonderful video it has bought back many memories of the Wood and Brownhills,
    On Sunday here in Oz it was father’s Day, I was talking to my Son in Law about the Cathshill Bridge and that it was designed so the the Horses did not need to stop and the Boatmen did not have to unrope if that’s the right word the horses to change onto the opposite Towpath at the junction of the Canal, then low and behold you had rode passed it on your ride, it was amazing to me that you passed so many places that were part of my life, starting with the Anchor Bridge where my long lost now found mate and Best man Dicky Greenwood lives,
    Then the Bridge that I have mentioned,My dad worked down Hall lane,
    Up the High and turning into Brookland Rd on the left Brook lane were I worked for Jim Lydall as a boy, Just past the Blood tub my Grandam had a little shop in the front room that my mom worked in, in the cemetery opposite all my Grand perents are buried, then upto the Vigo and up Castle Rd 4th house on the right is where I lived until i was five just a little further up on the left Craducks Nursery is where I was born, along Holly Lane and up Shire Oak Hill is our house that I lived until I got Married, on up the the Oak and down and just off Chester Rd is where David E lives who started me off on this Internets Journey with you very kind people,
    You are all really the best.

  4. flodda says:

    Again brill vid Bob how long is that actual journey aint been up holly lane since i was a teen ……………….

  5. PorkTorta says:

    Brilliant! Many a stroll along the canal from Catshill to the Black Cock with the dog, as well as when I had a terrible straight out of uni debt-clearing job making pie tins and take away containers. Special bonus was the (now much improved) canal overflow where I used to catch sticklebacks as a nipper. Nice to see Brookland Rd (took my cycling proficiency test down there, bless) and it was great to see Holly Lane, where my Grandparents and Dad lived after migrating out of Clayhanger in the fifties, to the startling modern world of hot water and inside loos. Great stuff, really brought back some great memories 🙂

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  9. Dave (Eddy) Edwards says:

    Great video… first time I seen it.
    I was born up Castle Rd, near to Hovis.
    Love the Moodies music
    Dave (Eddy) Edwards

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