No shit, Sherlock

From the front page, no less, of the Walsall Express & Star, Wednesday, 1st August 2012.

I noticed the above item, oddly tucked onto the front page of the Walsall Express and star last night. I can’t believe they’ve just twigged this, months after Radio WM and I spotted that Tesco had got cold feet. This project isn’t just ‘delayed’; I’d tenure it’s shelved. The company have just spent money revamping their existing store, they aren’t planning to knock it down anytime soon.

Come on people, get with the program.

From the same paper – This time, the Express & Star get the joke. Nice to know the odd newshound is still reading the blog.

In the same edition, the repetition of a familiar pattern. You read it here, first, thanks to The Stymaster & Stymistress. At least this time the story is correct and not sensationalist claptrap, like last time.

Nice to see the local press keeping abreast of events… eventually.

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  1. Wardie says:

    They have reopened the entrance to Ravens Court and took the bushes down lol

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