Pretzel logic

From the Walsall Advertiser, Thursday, March 15th 2012. Click for a larger version.

I noticed with wry amusement the letter from Gerald Bickley, of Brownhills Local Committee in the Walsall Advertiser last week. It’s interesting and welcome that we finally hear something from the somewhat somnambulant group apparently deeming to speak on behalf of our town.

I assume by the condescending term ‘local laymen’ Gerald refers to Brian Stringer, who’s come up with a viable, workable plan to erect a monument, as detailed in local press and previously here on The Brownhills Blog. Why isn’t Mr. Bickley getting behind that – or if he is, why doesn’t he say so?

Pretzels, as enjoyed in Hammerwich. Yum!

Brian Stringer has worked very hard on this, totally onhis own initiative, and the indefatigable local author deserves the support of the whole town. The signs referred to in the letter were a publicity vanity project by Hammerwich Parish Council. If the Committee would like to do the same, go and procure funding and do it, rather than writing to the local press whinging. Only please don’t go for the same design as Hammerwich, who inexplicably featured fluorescent yellow pretzels on their signage rather than a Staffordshire Knot.

Presumably, to be able to speak on behalf of 12,000 plus residents, Gerald and his fellow members enjoy a degree of power and ability to procure funding. Get off your arses and go for it. The reason other stuff is being done – including a plan to erect a £15,000 statue in Lichfield – is because the people with plans and grand ideas have been encouraged by their civic leaders. I look forward to Brian receiving the same welcome support that has been so evident for projects elsewhere.

A Staffordshire Knot. Not tasty, but rather symbolic.

While we’re on the subject of the Local Committee, I’ve only ever peripherally heard of Mr. Bickley, whilst his fellow burghers also seem to suffer from an unfortunately rather low profile. I’ve have never been made aware of any election taking place where residents could be appointed to such a board, and I don’t see any publicity online or in the inky press as to their meetings. I have never been aware of how I could vote in such an election. I find myself wondering how, exactly, they represent myself as a resident of Brownhills, in terms of democracy and accountability. Presumably, minutes of meetings and details of appointees are available somewhere, hopefully online. Perhaps a member with internet connectivity would care to update the blog with details.

I implore the Committee to support Brian Stringer’s plan and to state such publicly. Brian needs to acquire funding and as broad support as possible. A committee representing the whole of Brownhills surely has a role to play in that, and I would welcome their wholehearted support.

If anyone were to wonder why local people are so disillusioned with the democratic process and governance at a local level in Brownhills, I think I’d struggle to find a better example of the cause.

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16 Responses to Pretzel logic

  1. Andy Dennis says:

    Perhaps Mr Bickley would like to apprise us of the status of the Brownhills Local Committee?

  2. john smith says:

    brownhills local committee.the miner,saving the council house,new health center and libary,canal festival,charity donations,high street flowers,litter picking “every sunday”,canoe center,

    • Most of that stuff isn’t or wasn’t funded by the committee, and came from outside bodies. The flowers, for instance, are little to do with the local committee, and more to do with the partnership and local businesses. and if they don’t get off their snobbish horse about the canal festival, soon it will die.

      I’d still like to know who elected you and how you claim to speak for me as a resident.

      As for the Parkview centre – squandered opportunity. Have they manage to fix the leaking tin roof yet?

      What have the Romans ever done for us?


  3. john smith says:

    brownhills bob, why dont you get of your arse and help the committee instead of moaning these are good people giving ther free time to help improve brownhills not just sitting on ther high horse and moaning ,unlike some. nor do they hide behind the internet unlike some,!!! who is brownhills bob “watch this space….

    • Hello there.

      I have offered my services to you several times which you have rebuffed – particularly over publicity for the canal festival – last year you threw you rattle from the pram and had a go at one of your own exhibitors here in the comments. I can’t help people who will not accept offers of help, preferring to keep things to their own closed circle.

      Please answer the questions raised. Being aggressive and attacking me just makes you look petty and evasive.

      Your threats don’t bother me in the slightest.

      For the reaction of the event organiser to Lee, one of his exhibitors, see here:

      Instead of grumbling at me, why aren’t you out pushing Brian Stringer’s idea for the monument?

  4. john smith says:

    the above was not funded by the committe,but the committee did gain for the health center it is better than non even if the roof leaks.if we all do nothing then we all gain nothing!comon pull together.please encourage the brownhills people to to help brownhills as no one else will.regards john..

    • If you read this blog – which you clearly don’t – you’ll find lots of positive stuff about Brownhills, it’s history and news. And a good deal of positive activism.

      I’m currently battling the council to get the drainage problem at Knaves Court fixed. What are you guys doing about that?

      This site is generally the first to get news up about local current affairs – I was first with info from the police last night bout the crash, and have listed local news way before the official media time and time again.

      I publicise all Brownhills events I know about, police appeals and anything. I have posted more positive content about this town that you could imagine. Don’t tell me I’m doing nothing. I care about this place. It’s my home. But I’m pig sick of seeing squandered opportunities and wasted money.

      Support Brian publicly, he’s fighting for Brownhills. I have. What did we get from the Local committee? A half hearted letter condemning Brian unnamed as a ‘layman’. He’s a noted local author and popular chap, for heaven’s sake.

      I offered you positive support for the canal festival here, which you ignored. The offer is still open. Every year I publicise and review your even unprompted.

      Take time. Read this blog a little. Nobody fights harder for here – or puts more effort in – that I do. Drop the defensiveness, and use the free hand that I’m offering.

      One of the biggest problems the Local Committee has is nobody knows who you are, where you are and who appoints you. How about writing to me and explaining this stuff, your position and what plans you have. I will publish your work. The door is open.

      BrownhillsBob at googlemail dot com

      It’s not me with the approachability issue.

      Best wishes


  5. john smith says:

    aaaaaarrrrrrrrrr LOL !!!

  6. That was a bit of a let down. I had just popped a can of pringles and settled down.

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