Lester Cycles and Motorcycles, Lichfield, 1901.

From the Lichfield Mercury, 17th June 1901. Looks like my kind of shop. Clipping courtesy of the wonderful Peter 'Pedro' Cutler.

I love this advert sent by ace paper sleuth Pete Cutler. That’s a cracking bike – state of the art. Freewheel, back wheel leather strap hub-brake, achieved by rear pedal-engaged dog mechanism. Brooks saddle and toolbar, no doubt. This clearly wasn’t a bike shop – it was a transport emporium for the new century. How I’d love to nip back in time and browse. Wonder if they’d kit me out with plus fours and a cape to match?

Note the diversity of services – Perambulator tires changed, secondhand sales, spares and repairs. And if you have a telephone, just dial the operator and ask for Lichfield 16, or send a telegram.

Oh, for a small, gas-powered time machine…

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5 Responses to Lester Cycles and Motorcycles, Lichfield, 1901.

  1. Kenofski says:

    Any idea what £8 and 8 shillings equates to in modern day money for this fine Iron Horse?

  2. The average wage was about £100 a year. A teacher earned @ £150. A policeman about £70. The Liverpool footballers were paid @ £8 a week

  3. David Evans says:

    HI Bob
    did Rudge also make motorcycles at one time. ..and Aerial (Arrow and Leader models ,late 1950s)

    • Yes David, Dad used to tell me about his old Rudge motorbike. He had no end of trouble with it, was forever trying to repair it to no avail, until one day he decided the only sensible thing to do to make sure he didn’t waste any more time on it was to put a hammer through the engine casing and move on to a BSA

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