Birmingham Mail – Tesco abandons plans to pull down a senior citizens’ club

Noticed this article today on the excellent Walsall news site, The YamYam – for once it seems the Birmingham Mail (no longer ‘evening’ you’ll note) have stolen a bit of a march on the Express & Star. It’s a two-page article, don’t forget to click through to the second page. I’m intrigued by the comment made by club Chairman John Dunn that suggests hapless, hopeless and ultimately helpless Councillor Adrian Andrew had somehow intimated that the Senior Citizen’s Club had a ‘…dwindling membership….’. Illuminating to see that the oleaginous regeneration chief is now employing the same tactics as his leader Mike Bird, who blandly and incorrectly stated that it was OK to close Walsall Wood HGV park ‘…as it is vary rarely used by lorries these days…’. Looks like bending the truth to fit your position is now endemic amongst the cabinet.

Birmingham Mail – News – Top Stories – Tesco abandons plans to pull down a senior citizens’ club in Brownhills to make way for an 88,500sq ft superstore.

As I’ve said before, I congratulate Mr. Dunn for both his, and his club’s tenacity. Well done, guys.

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5 Responses to Birmingham Mail – Tesco abandons plans to pull down a senior citizens’ club

  1. To use your own words – “Don`t weasel out of it, Sonny Jim”. All credit should go to John Dunn and the splendid members of the club but your meticulous research and coverage of the Brownhills Tesco and market fiasco has to be mentioned in despatches.

    How utterly delightful to see a small group of people who have lived through events far worse than we young, pampered, spoilt brats could ever imagine, take on corporate might and win.

    Heroes and heroines then and now, these folks could teach a thing or two about backbone to the snivelling, supine and stupid rectums that have the audacity to describe themselves as civic leaders.

    I hope that Councillors Andrex and Bird shit and the rest of the guano in cabinet will now get it through their thick skulls that they are here to serve the people of the borough and not dictate to them as they go belly-up to a company with lots of money. Somehow, given the sheer incompetence of these morons, I doubt that will happen.

    Instead, we are certain to hear these oafs spouting about “listening to the community” and “putting people first” and how they saved the club. Another example of bending the truth.

    But, sod them. Congratulations all round but especially to you, Bob, and to The YamYam for keeping this mental proposal out of the looney bin and sharply focussed on the good people to whom we all owe so much.

  2. stymaster says:

    Indeed. I have to say, isn’t it about time they learnt that no-one believes them when they fuck up, and tell us everything is lovely?

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