Pictures and video from Brownhills and Walsall Wood 2021 Remembrance Sunday

Today, Sunday 14th November 2021 saw the annual marking of Remembrance Day in the UK and I’m pleased to say the local area did both themselves and the fallen proud staging a whole range of parades and events that were well supported and attended – and I was especially pleased to see the wonderful turnout and effort made in Brownhills.

St. James Church posted the above on Facebook

This is all the more heartening in the light of the pandemic and restrictions in 2020 that made a conventional Remembrance impossible, although what did happen was touchingly low key, but emotional.

A selection of images from Brownhills by various attendees

Thank you for all who organised, took part of went and paid their respects: The area did the fallen proud as it does every year – and thanks too to the people who posted all these lovely photos.

A large gallery of Walsall Wood photos by David Evans and Godfrey Hucker

We shall remember them.

Walsall Wood Remembrance Parade posted the above video on Facebook.

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  1. David Evans says:

    very many belated thanks for posting all these fine images and video clip of such a memorable and moving day and for sorting them in to the presentation. kind regards

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