Walsall Council act to resolve local confusion over bin collection change

Residents are advised to stay calm and not take matters into their own hands. Image by Steve Hill.

Hey up people – it seems that in November, there’s a shakeup of of local bin collection days in the Northern Wastes and to this end Walsall Council have been delivering leaflets notifying residents of the changes, which is fair enough.

The changes are occurring as in a drive to further cut costs, the binmen will be working longer days meaning less wagons will bee required, but sadly this means reorganising the rounds, too.

You can find out more about the reasons for the change here.

Sadly, there’s been a bit of a cockup in Walsall Wood and some homes have had two different leaflets delivered, stating different collection dates.

Clean and Green at Walsall Council yesterday put out the following grease to hopefully resolve the confusion caused:

Some properties in Walsall Wood may have received two new bin collection calendars today. We are sorry and are trying to get to all affected properties to retrieve incorrect leaflets.

If you live in one of the following streets, and have received two leaflets – please follow the Tuesday calendar:

  • Andrews Road
  • Arbor Gate
  • Blackberry Lane
  • Fereday Road
  • Gwendoline Way
  • Hill Park
  • Holly Lane
  • Lawnswood Drive
  • Naomi Way
  • New Wood Grove
  • Poxon Road
  • Sally Ward Drive
  • Salters Road (half of)
  • Shire Ridge
  • Simkins Close
  • Stackhouse Close
  • Swallowdale
  • Weatheroak
  • Wolverson Road

Apologies for any confusion caused 😊 

Collection dates will be updated on www.walsallbins.co.uk soon.

Before we get the usual chorus of indignation, moaning and gnashing, it’s an honest mistake and these things happen. To date there have been no casualties and the country has remained stable. Perspective is good…

If you’re confused as to which your collection day actually is, click here to use the postcode checker on the council website – it works a treat and will tell you exactly when to put out which bin, and as we get nearer the November changeover, will cover it.

Hope that helps clarify things – folks seem to get a bit worked up about bin collections…

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