Aston Manor Transport Museum in Aldridge – Vintage Verses starts soon!

This is a bit different for a wet Sunday afternoon!

A brief one starting very soon just drawn to my attention by the indefatigable Russell Smith – there’s a poetry/spoken word event starting at Aston Manor Road Transport Museum in Aldridge at 2:30pm this afternoon (Sunday 23rd July 2017).

Russel said:

Today at Aston Manor Road Transport Museum … just working on my verse but not sure they will accept…The Boy stood on the burning bus, Whence all but he had fled, He started to swear and cuss, Saying he should of rode his bike instead!

Don’t give up your day job, mate.

Entry is a pocket pleasing £3 for adults, £2 for concessions and just £9 for a family ticket.

While you’re there, you can check out all the great stuff in the collection, and talk to the volunteers, who’re doing a fine job.

This is sure to be a great event – please do pop along. The collection needs the support of the public to survive, and it really is a wonderful thing.

Why not check out the museum website or their Facebook group?

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