Another burglary this week in Brownhills – be on your guard


Securing a shed or outbuilding takes a little work but could well protect your stuff from thieves. Image by Ian Myatt.

It seems the shed, garage and outbuilding burglars are still out and about in Brownhills and the wider area, so please take care – in the last few days, friend of the blog Jane Booth has written to me to tell me that her garage was broken into this week.

Jane wrote:

Hi Bob

Just thought you would like to alert your readers,the garage raiders are about in the Hills again, our garage was broken into and my son’s push bike stolen. They had also left another of our pushbikes hidden in our driveway ready for collecting another time.

We live on Lichfield Road, Brownhills and our garage isn’t visible from the road as its in the back garden and a barbed wire 6ft gate has been crossed in order to get to the garage so some desperate people out there prowling around peoples back gardens.

Please pass on to your readers


Jane Booth (wife of Peter who sends you lovely photos)

Thanks to Jane for letting me know, and my sympathies for the loss – also, please give my regards to Peter.

It seems as police patrols are falling, so these crimes are increasing, so in the mean time please ensure you lock all your outbuildings, and secure your premises as best you can. Don’t leave valuables on view in cars, and make sure anything that could be used in a burglary – ladders, garden tools etc. – is securely stowed away.

There are some good security tips for sheds and outbuildings at this page here.

If you’re offered cheap tools, car stereo equipment or gardening kit, think hard about where it might have come from, and by all means grub the people flogging them into the rozzers – the stuff is probably nicked. Next time, it could be your stuff they take.

Anyone with information on the recent spate of thefts is urged to contact West Midlands Police by dialling 101 or you can speak to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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2 Responses to Another burglary this week in Brownhills – be on your guard

  1. I saw 3 young males lurking around cars at 3pm this morning 11/11/2016. In the Burntwood area. I woke to noises, looked out window and there they were. Turned on my bedroom light and they scurried off. Christmas is coming everybody needs to be on their guard

  2. Carrie says:

    I have had several bikes stolen from my back garden in brownhills we all know who has had them yet police are turning a blind eye

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