Blooming Aldridge!

A couple of fun events coming up in Aldridge this weekend from Aldridge Village Partnership and the wonderful Diane Mansell, who you’ll know also runs the Brownhills Town Centre partnership.

The Aldridge crew have really got their heads together with some interesting stuff to come this weekend – on Friday 16th September 2016 there’s the inaugural Aldridge in Bloom Ball at Fairlawns, for which tickets are still available for a genuinely classy event.

On Saturday 17th, there’s to be a world record attempt for most number of people planting bulbs simultaneously – that takes place on the Croft at 2pm and promises to be a hoot. Imagine what the Croft will look like in spring when they all flower at once!

Details of both events are below – and if you pop along to either, I’d love to share your pictures…


An astonishing attempt – but what fun, too!

Aldridge in Bloom Needs Your Help!

We need 1000 – yes 1000 people of Aldridge and friends of Aldridge of all ages to join us on the Croft to take part in a world record attempt at planting daffodil bulbs in one hour next Saturday 17th September at 2pm.

No tools needed no digging just place the bulbs in prepared ground.

Please come and join us and have fun helping your village to Bloom.😀


A night of fine food, music and dancing – all in a good cause.

Aldridge in Bloom Ball

You can still buy tickets for the Ball on Friday 16th September 2016 from Fairlawns Health Spa reception, only £40!

Ticket includes welcome drink, four course meal plus coffee and entertainment.

All proceeds go towards. Aldridge In Bloom 2017 so please support this worthy cause.

I would like to stress this is open to everyone not just people involved in the Bloom initiative.


Looks delightful!

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  1. I’m hoping it will look like the sea of daffs that are there evry spring at Hampton Court. Daffs as far as the eye can see. It is a sight that makes you so very happy to be there looking at it

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