Pictures from the 2016 Brownhills Canalside Festival

Image kindly supplied by David Evans.

Wow. Now there’s an occupation for me! Image kindly supplied by David Evans.

I briefly passed through Brownhills Canalside Festival today, and had very little time there due to having some work stuff kicking off elsewhere, but this year’s event looked superb from the photos generously supplied below by the young David Evans and old online pal Dave Tucker.

The sun came out this year, and so did the good folk of Brownhills, who indulged in cake, bacon baps, a little canoe paddling and some great live music.

Once again, the Local Committee did us proud, and Brian ‘Clayhanger Kid’ Stringer also sorted out some excellent music acts for the live stage. Wildfire folk were stunning, as ever.

My favourite display at any event they attend is always Armitage Bird of Prey Centre, who do such an excellent job of bringing experience of raptors to a fascinated public. Those birds are gorgeous, and so well cared for.

Cheers to the lads for their photos, and I’d like to point out that Dave Tucker is a professional photographer resident in the Principality of Pelsall, and his infra-red images here are stunning. You can contact Dave  by email – Dave at tucker pics dot com or check out his Website here.

My sincere thanks to Brian Stringer and all the people who worked so hard for doing us proud – and of course to the boaters, stallholders and general public who came out too!

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5 Responses to Pictures from the 2016 Brownhills Canalside Festival

  1. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    super presentation…many thanks.. and a super festival, too
    kind regards

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