Everyone back to school! A great reunion coming soon

What a great idea!

Oh my (school) days, there’s a terrific thing going on at Brownhills Community Centre, what my generation called the Annex but was originally the Central Boys School – there’s going to be a celebration, reunion and open day for those who remember the days of that particular school yard.

It’s taking place on Saturday 30th June 2018 from 11am until 3pm at the former school, now Brownhills Community Centre, and there will be memory-jogging tours of the building you knew so well, archive photo displays, real school meals (including concrete and custard!) a film show of old Brownhills and loads of people to chat to and reminisce about the days of Mr. Massey and co.

A wonderful image from 1962 and the days of the Boy’s School sent in by Malcolm Jamison.

There are some great pics of this old days in this post here

The day itself is free, but if you want to partake of lunch, it’s £5 for mains and pud, and you can book in advance at the link in the text below.

Brownhills Community Centre wrote:

Open Day Saturday 30th June 11am – 3pm

You may know it as the Boys’ School, Central School, the Annexe or the Activity Centre. The building has been all these things, and has now been extensively refurbished in its new role as Brownhills Community Centre and The Lamp.

You may not know that it has a fully-equipped Ladies’ Gym, a cinema/theatre/concert venue with bar, a nursery, a motorcycle training centre, a computer suite, rooms for hire for parties and training and a wide variety of activities to suit every interest. Its facilities are for everyone, local or further afield.

The building is 125 years old this year, and to celebrate we are hosting a Back to School open day on 30th June. The whole Centre will be open for you to look around, a chance to reminisce or to explore the new facilities.

We have a big archive of photographs which will be on display. Perhaps you’ll be in some of them! We will also be serving (edible) school dinners.

Free parking via Pelsall Road entrance. WS8 7JE.

The open day is free, no need to book. School dinners need to be booked in advance. £5 gets you 2 choices of main meal and pudding, including concrete and custard! Tickets from (no booking fee): https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/the-lamp-arts-centre

If you haven’t yet visited th Community Centre, you really are missing out; it’s a busy and welcoming hive of activity with a great atmosphere operated by a lovely community of dedicated folk, located in the old Annex or Brownhills Central Boys School right there on the Miner Island in Brownhills. You can find out more here.

Please ring the crew on 01543 452 119 if you have any queries or need any help or email: info@thelamparts.co.uk.

There’s loads going on at the Activity Centre on the Miner Island in Brownhills!

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20 Responses to Everyone back to school! A great reunion coming soon

  1. Ade Reid says:

    Please can anyone put names to faces.10 years before I went there but I may know some of the lads.That teacher in the middle looks like he could be a young Mr Jarvis ?

  2. aerreg says:

    where have all the years gone so fast the days of gaffer wright dan marklew joe stockley billy hazard sam seedhouse cups a pewe mrs jones the wood work teatcher the big icy slide in the winter from the back steps right down to torture tree corner so many happy memouries and yes your first pair of long trousers thanks for the memory

    • christine holbrook says:

      My brothers Brian and Roy Phillips would have loved this, were they still here. I recall their tales about Mr Massey etc.

  3. Nick Dean says:

    The back row 5th from the left is my father Colin Dean.

  4. recognise my younger brother tony thacker —also terry thacker (no relation –also dave craddock

  5. Stephen appleby says:

    I attended brownhils central boys until 1962 so many memories linger on,if anyone remembers me please get in touch.steve Appleby

  6. Jim Simpson says:

    I went there in 1948, those were the days,Mr Ellis in metal work and Mr jones woodwork,Mr Stockley with his big ring,had a sore ear from that a few times,

  7. aerreg says:

    hi jim remember stockleys favourant saying as he walked round the the class room cane in hand COME OUT THAT BOY YOU MOVED IN LINES IWILL SWOOP DOWN ON YOU LIKKE A SPITFIRE HA HA the result a tingling feeling in the the hand serve ya wright comment from mom and dad

  8. Martin Littler says:

    Teacher was Mr Watson woodwork,Mr Cooper was metalwork teacher,

  9. aerreg says:

    hi martin you were probably right diferant years thats one one of my problems these days i still have two brownhills in the old grey matter the1930 s and 50 years ago you have brought back a 1930 memory the name littler i knew the family in great charles street one girl s name springs to mind IRISH she went to school with my wife had a brother dennis lovely family happy daysa differant brownhills like the world times have changed as my family say when i start those words i remember when god bless

    • Martin Littler says:

      Hi Reg have no worries, i hope i will be going as good as you and Geoff Harrington, if i reach your age, i forget thing’s now, and i’m only in my late sixties, you both have give us such pleasure with your knowledge of the Brownhills history over many years,keep strong.

  10. Kay Torné says:

    I have fond memories of being at the annexe and going back and forth to the comp via Holland Park, stopping at the band stand for a crafty fag along the way.
    I’m sad I won’t be able to attend the reunion I live in Spain now.
    I love this site Bob
    Keep up the good work and all those that contribute. I am a regular reader.

    Kay Torné (nee Edmunds)

  11. Steve Cawley says:

    My cousin Colin Sarsfield 4th from left middle row sadly no longer with us

  12. Steven. Jolly says:

    Hi Bob will there be a write up and photos of the ‘re union at central boys school

    • BrownhillsBob says:

      Nobody has sent me one, and sadly I couldn’t make it! Anyone wanting to write one I’d love to publish it!

      Sorry and cheers

  13. Steven. Jolly says:

    Thanks for the reply Bob Steve Jolly

    • BrownhillsBob says:

      Sorry mate it’s one of the sorts of things I haven’t had time for of late. Apologies.


  14. John Bishop says:

    While clearing out my dads house,i have come across dozens of photos,one shows Mr Masset talking to a pupil on a boat, I presume it is a school trip.I am a techno moron so cannot find where or how to download it so that someone can answer the question

  15. Steven. Jolly says:

    Ooh do your best Bob

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