In the Wernick of time

wernicks 2

This football team are causing a fair bit of head scratching… Image kindly supplied by Brian Stringer.

Friend of the blog, community activist and Clayhanger Kid himself, Brian Stringer has sent the above image of a local football team and is desperately trying to identify the unknown chap (who is, I believe centre front row).

The team were Wernicks FC in 1962 – Wernicks, as many will know, were a joinery company on the Lindon Road on the Walsall Wood/Brownhills border. They made sheds, fencing and mobile buildings. I think they were where the indoor play park is today. These days I think they’re in Aldridge.

Brian wrote:

Hi Bob,

I have been asked to send you this photo in the hope of finding the missing player.

Apparently lots have tries but failed so Jeff Corfield, who is on the pic, wondered if the blog could help.

If anybody can…

Cheers mate

There are many, many brownie points on offer if you can solve this one! Comment here or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Thanks!

Cheers to Brian for a great enquiry, and don’t forget – especially with Christmas coming up – that Brian’s latest book about his time involved with local community football is still available from Brownhills Library in the Parkview Centre, Brownhills – but they’re selling out fast, so get in there quick.

You can find out about ‘Who’s Putting the Nets Up’ in this post here.

scan two

Love the cover cartoon – available right now from Brownhills Library at the Parkview Centre.

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8 Responses to In the Wernick of time

  1. Pedro says:

    Gordon Bennett! Fancy having two Vardys in the team!

  2. I recognise a couple of them as being very good dart players , Derek Betteridge ad B Corfield.

  3. david oakley says:

    Hi Bob,
    Nice to see my two young cousins in the team, Jeff and Brian Corfield.
    Haven’t seen them since they were two little ‘babbies’ in New Street, Paul’s Coppice
    Sincere best wishes to both, and their families

  4. If that’s not Joe smith who lived in Sheffield in the 60s then he has a twin

  5. brian says:

    Thanks John, I’ve sent a message to Chuck Vardy in Canada, and if he can confirm Joe Smith than jobs a gud un as they say, and the blogs come up trumps again.

  6. Hi Brian
    I was wondering if you had heard from your friend in Canada whether he knows if it is Joe Smith in the photo.
    I showed the photo to my wife and straight away without thinking said it was Joe Smith.
    The reason I am fairly confident is because we were partners in a decorating business in the late 60/70s Joe lived in Leigh’s rd Sheffield and I lived in Camden St Walsall Wood we called ourselves Camleigh decorators.
    I have not seen or spoke to Joe for close on 40 years I am led to believe he now lives in Deakin ave
    Brownhills West.
    It would be good to met up with him if he is known by any of your followers

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