Back of the net! Brian Stringer’s latest book on sale now!

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Love the cover cartoon – available right now from Brownhills Library at the Parkview Centre.

It’s always nice to see local folk writing about local history, their lives and experiences and their view of the world – and one of the best locally is community activist Brian Stringer, who wrote to me yesterday to tell me he has a new book for sale chronicling his involvement with local community football.

It’s so good to see The Clayhanger Kid has been writing again

This book is long overdue – there is a rich sporting history locally, from the Woodmen up at Oak Park to the old teams of Brownhills; while I’ve done my best to document and collate the fragments, what has been missing really is the voice of someone directly involved.

I haven’t bagged a copy yet, but when I do I’ll review ‘Who’s Putting the Nets Up’ here, but I can tell you now that based on my experience of his two previous works, Brian’s writing will be warm, funny and engaging. He really is a wonderful writer.

There’s also to be a reunion of Clayhanger (not Brownhills, as I wrote earlier, but I’m sure they’d be welcome too) Community Colts on Friday week (16th October 2015) at Walsall Wood football Club; Brian had this to say:

Hi Bob

Begging your indulgence once again I’m afraid.

My new book ‘Who’s Putting The Nets Up’, is now on sale in Brownhills Library. I must stress it’s nothing like my other books as this one details my involvement in Junior and non league soccer. Andy Roper suggested something about Walsall Wood F.C, many moons ago and as I was involved with that club for many years, I have incorporated it nicely into the second part of the book, with a contribution from Andy himself.

It’s told in the same style as the other two with many laughs and frustrations along the way, and is surely a must for all soccer grass roots supporters. As well as the Library I can be contacted on 01543821539 and I’ve managed to keep the price the same as the other two [£6 a copy I think – Bob].

John Sadler, my next door neighbour when I lived at Clayhanger, and myself formed Clayhanger Colts Under 12’s football team way back in 1975 and are holding a reunion on Friday Oct 16th at Walsall Wood Football Club 8pm onwards.

We’d love to meet up again with the faces, some of which we haven’t seen for 40 years, that played a part in our lives all those years ago. Even if they weren’t in the original 75 team, any one who played for either John or myself in the subsequent years are all welcome including parents and supporters who helped us along the way.

Come and see some old photo’s of yourselves when you were good looking, and we may let you buy us a pint. Look forward to seeing you lads.

Anyway I would be grateful if you could give me a plug on the blog.

In your debt as ever.

I wish Brian well with his latest work, and look forward to getting a copy. Nice one old chap!

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  1. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    got a copy this afternoon…chuckled all the way reading through it. Skittles will never be the same!
    Well done, Brian
    kind regards

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