Brownhills stables raided yet again – can you help?


Stevie Ansell’s riding stables do a huge amount of good work. Can we help catch the people that raided it? Image from the stables Facebook page.

Here we go again – Stevie Ansell’s riding stables and livery yard on the Pelsall Road at Highbridges on the Brownhills/Pelsall border has been targeted again – and whilst the raiders this time stole large quantity of equipment, it seems Stevie also got good CCTV of the scum who burgled her.

Again on  a Monday – this time yesterday evening, 6th July 2015 – the riding stables site was broken into, and three men took equipment.

Note that as soon as Stevie posts any images, I’ll post the here, too. In the meantime, keep an eye on the stables Facebook page.

Stevie posted the following message on Facebook:

Yet again we have been broken into…at stables and at livery yard.

Police are there and we are assessing losses as we speak.. We have three men on cameras and a particularly good face shot of one of them.

We are once again offering a reward for information leading to the prosecution of these lowlifes. In the meantime we will post any evidence we have on here so that the rest of the equine world can be on their guard and hopefully together we can name and shame these immoral scum bags.

Our stables is non profit – I work away to fund it to keep it going. What kind of people steal from anybody let alone from kids and helpless animals because that is what they are doing every time they steal from us? Our prices are low enough for all walks of life to come riding here. Most kids here live for their days here.

Shame on you whoever you are ! Hang your heads low.. You really are lower than a snakes belly!!

Tel or text :- 07950-314091

Or message on Facebook.

Stevie Ansell

Stevie and the stables do a huge amount of great work, and it’s terrible that anyone would put that in jeopardy.

Please come forward with any information you have. If you don’t want to contact Stevie of the police directly, drop me a line on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com and I’ll pass the message on.

You can also contact Walsall Police by dialling 101 (999 in an emergency, obviously) or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

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1 Response to Brownhills stables raided yet again – can you help?

  1. Matthew Griffin says:

    Hi Stevie,
    So sorry to hear about this terrible business of the serious crime at the riding centre. I trust that the police will do all they can to catch the criminals responsible for the theft and hopefully retrieve the valuable tack – equipment which was stolen as well.
    I must say that I’m very disappointed and sad that this has happened, and you really don’t need this sort of aggravation do you? I just hope that the harm done as well as the horses being at risk was not too severe, but this sort of action by local lowlife is inexcusable and makes me just as frustrated as you feel right now..
    Please accept my heartfelt sympathies for you and the staff, as well as the volunteers and fellow riders who have been affected as a result. I was relieved to know that the horses were eventually rounded up and are now safe in the fields and the yard. I hear that one of the girls who tried to rescue was injured in the process. I hope and pray that she’ll be alright.
    I was looking forward to my riding lesson this coming Saturday from 10am till 12pm noon, and I hope that it will be business as usual. Knowing you, you will make sure that the staff and everyone at the stables will carry on as normal. Business as usual is the name of the game. Encouragement is really what you need at a difficult time like this.
    I do hope that everything will work out for the best. Good luck and I hope to hear from you soon regarding progress in the right direction.
    Kindest regards
    Matthew Griffin

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